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5 Tips for Newbie Dirt Bike Riders

Dirt bikes are a great way to entertain your wild side, but here are some things you should know before expressing your inner daredevil.
Modern Times Apr 5, 2019
Dirt biking is one of America’s favorite pastimes. All across the nation, weekend warriors hit the dirt tracks or go off-roading to get the rush of exhilaration that they crave.

If you’re a newbie dirt biker, then you’re undoubtedly pumped to go make your own tracks. So, here are some tips to take with you!

Protect Your Dome

Dirt bikes allow you to tackle terrain that neither a cruiser nor even a crotch rocket can. Whether you take your bike on the streets or off of the beaten path, you must protect your head.

You need a motocross helmet that is suited to this type of riding. They offer a wider range of view and more ventilation than other helmets.

Protect Your Legs

Because of the high impact style of riding, dirt biking can be harder on the lower body than cruising or even racing. Your suspension is made to take that impact, but your legs aren’t.

Motocross boots support your ankles through all the jumps and sharp turns. And knee braces, while not necessary, can prevent knee injuries.

Dress for the Ride

When you hit the road, track, or trail, you want to make sure you’re wearing the appropriate dirt bike accessories for that terrain.

If you’re planning to go off-road or hit a dirt track, then you want lightweight and breathable gear. If you’re going to be on asphalt, then adventure gear will protect you from impact and abrasions.

Know Your Skill Level

Motocross is all about challenging your riding skills, but it’s also important to know and be honest with yourself about your skills. Start off with baby steps and embrace failure!

You also want to make sure that you’re aware of your skill level: get yourself acclimated to riding on beginner tracks before hitting the trails.

Keep Practicing the Basics

As you get comfortable with your bike, you’ll be ready to tackle more challenging courses and trails. No matter how good you get, always stick to the basics.

Keep your head up, stand with the pegs in the center of your boots, and shift your weight forward as if bearing down. You don’t want to be reminded of the basics the hard way!
Always remember to keep safety first! Protect your head and legs, wear the appropriate gear, know yourself and the terrain, and remember the basics of riding.

Welcome to the world of dirt biking — it’s going to be an exciting ride!