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Amazing TV-free Activities for Teenagers

Charlie S Nov 20, 2018
These exciting recreational activities, specially for teenagers, include both the indoor and outdoor ones, that are not only fun but would also help in enhancing their skills and in their overall development.
Teenagers are always full of energy and enthusiasm and enjoy the company of their friends. They are ready to experiment by trying to learn new things, which are relatively unknown to them. There are several activities which can help them enjoy life to the fullest, sharpen their skills, and prove beneficial in many ways.

Indoor Activities

Making Greeting Cards

One can collect all the materials needed to make such cards like chart paper, scale, pencil, scissors, colors, etc., and begin the task after deciding how the cards should be.
Think of some creative ways to make the best cards and distribute them to the family members. One would surely get a lot of appreciation for the job. If one aims to work professionally, then one can make this art a source of money by selling the products to local shopkeepers and art stores.

Singing Competitions

The best way to spend time at home for teenagers is by organizing a singing competition among themselves. Divide the number of participants into two equal number of members in each group. Also, have one person as the judge of the competition.
One participant from a group sings a song and the other group has to start the song from the last letter of this song. For every correct attempt, the team gets 10 points and if the song is sung wrong or not sung at all, then 3 points will be subtracted from the score. Such singing competitions or games would help them to increase their interest in the same.

Home Decoration

They can draw pictures and paste them on the doors for a better look. They can also buy some wonderful frames from an art store and mount them on the walls, to make them look stunning. With financial help from parents, you can paint the walls attractively to change the entire look of the room.

Outdoor Activities

Tug of War Game

Tug of war is one of the well-known team building activities. To play this game, divide them into two groups and make them stand one behind the other.
This game requires a rope which is fixed at the center and both its ends are given to the members of both the teams. Now, both the team members start pulling the rope and the one which crosses the center loses the game. This is a very entertaining game which tests the coordination and strength.

Social Service

They can consider the idea of working in hospitals, child care centers, health care centers, and old age homes and serve the poor and needy people.
By taking permission of the concerned authorities, they can raise funds for the education of poor and underprivileged students. Interaction with the needy will teach them important values in life.

Go on a Shopping Spree

Shopping can be a good outdoor activity for them. The teenagers of today's generation are well aware of their likes and dislikes and hence, shopping with friends can be a great experience.
So, board a bus and go to a nearby shopping mall to buy one's favorite items. Also, one can enjoy eating at his/her preferred food places.
These were some of the fun activities that teenagers can enjoy, which can give them the best recreation from their daily studies. One can even think of some other creative ideas and make sure to definitely go ahead with them.