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Super Cool Activities and Fun Things to Do After a Prom

Activities and Fun Things To Do After a Prom
Looking for some crazy things to do after your prom party? You could go for a midnight movie right after your prom. Plentifun suggests some cute post-prom activities, so the fun doesn't stop!
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Sometimes it's nice to experience the quiet! After all the party chaos, fetch a peaceful place, snug yourself in warm blankets, and gaze at the stars, conversing with them about your life.
So the most awaited night of your high school life is about to end. All the dance and laugh, all the chaos and fun seems to come to an end. What if the night never ends? What if you get to spend some more time with your besties, and of course with your prom date?! But there are some schools that arrange after-prom parties. Yours didn't? Or you don't wanna enjoy with your friends lot? Fret not. We promise the fun isn't gonna end so soon.
Confused whether to spend post-prom time with your pals, but what about your prom date? He/she accompanied you throughout the party. Why not plan together? Discuss with your date and your friends, and decide accordingly, as we don't wanna see frown faces on this special night. We give you some cool ideas to arrange fun things and activities post prom, so that you get to spend those 'extra' moments with your fellow mates.
Midnight Breakfast
Midnight Breakfast
Amidst all the dance and pic-click fun, who pays heed to the rumbling tummy calls? After your prom, go out with your friends to a 24*7 open eateries, and have snacks/diner fries. Those regular noshes would taste all the more delicious in your prom attire.
A Night at the Beach
A Night at the Beach
A relaxing occasion after the hullabaloo event! You could take your BFF along, or go with your prom date and spend some romantic moments. Switch to beach clothes or hoods. Spend the night at a beach, dip your feet in water, have meaningful conversations, or lay down on the sand and just live in the moment! Breeze. Sand. Friends.
Pajama Party Perkiness
Pajama Party Perkiness
Get in your cute pajamas and enjoy a slumber party at your or a friend's place. Stuff with popcorn and other munchies, along with a collection of horror-thriller movies. Or you could simply go about gossiping the prom stories and exciting moments. I'm sure there's a hell lot to talk about!
Pool Party
Pool Party
A twist to prom - arrange a pool party at a friend's pool beforehand, and run right after your prom party. Carry your beach clothes and supplies. Start up your favorite music, jazz up the water with pool toys and keep the party going!
Post-prom Cruise
Post-prom Cruise
Once you're done with the prom, rent a boat, and take a trip down the river with your buddies. You could also arrange a full-fledged cruise party as your 'after-prom' party! This is possible if y'all stay by lakeside. Have alcohol-free beverages, and let the music play along with the waves gushing.
Switch to a Karaoke Night
Switch it to a Karaoke Night
Rent a karaoke machine and create a club-like atmosphere at your home by infusing funky lights and snacks, or stop by at some karaoke club nearby. Sing your throats out along with your friends. Let all the bathroom singers get revealed at the last night probably.
A Night That Doesn't End!
A Night that doesn't end!
We mean partying after a party! You probably don't want this night to end. There are several teen nightclubs designed specially for the teens. Hop up at a club close-by, and resume into your dance mood.
Gamer Much?
You could go bowling all night (of course) in your prom dresses. This might seem a little awkward at first, but knocking down pins in that attire - surely a night worth remembering! If not for bowling, you could opt for some other games and rides. Swing a few baseballs, or go for some indoor gaming sessions inviting your friends at your home - play video games, crack scrabbles, and what not!
A Night at the Bonfire
This would require a little pre-planning. Bonfires are always special! Be it with your date, or a group of friends, you're sure to get acquainted with some of the most intimate secrets. Arrange a camp-fire in someone's backyard, or some woody outdoor area, and wear your camping bag after the prom! You could prepare s'mores with your friends. Sit by the fire talking about stuff, playing truth-and-dare-like-games till the rising sun.
Faux Casino at your Home
This would require your parents' assistance. They can create a casino setup at home for the graduates-to-be, or for the juniors as well, keeping alcoholic drinks at minimal. Have a lot of soda and water and other beverages, along with pretzels and sandwiches.