Balloon Games for Kids

A party for kids is incomplete without balloons. And where there are balloons, you will need balloon games. In this article we are going to discuss some balloon games for kids.
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There is something about balloons that makes kids like them so much. Any child's birthday party is incomplete unless you decorate the house with colorful balloons in all shapes and sizes. But balloons can also be used for more than just party decorations. There are many balloon party games for kids that can make party games more fun. Kids love to play games and they will get very excited if balloons are used for it. Most of these balloon games are quite simple and they do not require any great skills. So without further ado, here is a selection of balloon games for kids.
Fun Balloon Games
Here is a selection of fun balloon games for children. It is advisable to clear your furniture so that the kids can play these games without bumping into furniture and getting hurt. These summer games for kids are very enjoyable and loads of fun.
Pop the Balloon
For this game, you will require at least two balloons for each kid. Blow up the balloons and fill it with some candies. Now tie the balloons securely with rubber bands or string and place them in a row. Gather the kids and ask them to pop the balloons by sitting on them. They can keep the candies as they pop the balloons.
Harvesting Balloons
This balloon game for kids is ideal for small children who are 3 to 4 years old. Blow as many balloons as you can and place all these balloons in another room. Ask the kids to go to the room and gather as many balloons as they can and bring them to a specified place. Encourage them to carry more than two balloons and the kid who gets the most balloons wins.
Balloon Balancing
For this balloon game, you require paper plates and of course balloons. Ask each kid to balance a balloon on the paper plate and then hold the plate in his hand. The kid has to then walk a certain distance all the while not letting the balloon fall to the ground. The person who finishes first without dropping the balloon from the paper plate wins.
Jumping Balloons
One of the most hilarious balloon games is the jumping balloon game. Blow up several balloons and then ask the kids to hold the balloon in between their knees. Ask them to jump from the start to the finish line to win the race. Anyone who drops the balloon has to start again. The kid who jumps all the way to the finish line first without dropping the balloon wins the game.
Balloon Treasure Hunt
Balloon treasure hunt is one of the most interesting balloon games for children. To play this game, just hide some balloons all around the house and fill them up with small slips of paper. Write the names of some gifts on each slip and the kids can later redeem those gifts by presenting the paper slips. The beauty of the game is that every kid can have at least one gift and there is nothing like a winner or a loser in this fun balloon game.
Water Balloon Games
Most kids love to play with water, and when you throw in some balloons with it, the fun doubles. When balloons are filled with water, they can be used for playing many fun water balloon games. Here we present to you some water balloon games for children.
Water Balloon Pop
To play this game, fill some balloons with water. Make the kids sit in a big circle, facing each other. Start some music and let them pass the water filled balloon from one person to another. When the music stops, the person who is left holding the balloon gets it burst upon him. Make sure that this water balloon game is played outdoors.
Toss the Water Balloon
To play this water balloon toss game, divide the kids into two teams. Fill around 50 water balloons with water and then place them in two big buckets. Make the two teams stand facing each other at some distance. Begin the game by tossing a water balloon from one team to another. If a balloon bursts on a team member, that team member is out of the game. The team that is left with the highest number of players wins.
Balloon Bombing
This is one of the most fun water balloon games for kids and should be played outdoors. Fill up lots of balloon with colored water. Attach these balloons onto a hardboard and place it at some distance. Give the children some darts and let them throw it at the balloons. The kid who can burst the most number of balloons wins the game.
Water Balloon Squash
To play water balloon squash, each kid is given a half filled water balloon. Then all the kids sit down on their individual water balloons at the same time. The person whose water balloon is popped last wins the game.
Water Balloon Catapult
To play this game, you need a large catapult and plenty of balloons filled with water. Divide the kids into two groups and make one group of kids stand at some distance. Let the other group launch the water balloons into the air. The first group of kids should try to catch these balloons without their bursting on them. The group that manages to catch the most number of water balloons, wins.
These were some balloon games for children. These balloon games are a lot of fun and is also a good way for the kids to spend their time. So now that you know some wonderful balloon games, you can organize them at your kid's party.
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