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Board Games for Kids That'll Entertain as Well as Educate Them

Board Games for Kids
Board games are always exciting for kids as well as adults. This post talks about the various interesting board games which will entertain and educate your kids at the same time. Have a look...
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018
Board games are a very convenient choice for gifts, as they are both, useful and entertaining. These indoor pastimes are made colorful and interesting, so that they are pleasing to the eyes.
They can also be included in school activities for lower grades, because they help kids understand the concept, then grasp and apply it in an appropriate manner. These fun pastimes are not just an exercise for children, but can prove beneficial for individuals of all ages.
Support Crosswords on Blocks
One of the classic games and enjoyed by individuals of every age is Scrabble. In this game, you have a tiled Scrabble board in front of you, where you have to make maximum scoring words from the 7 alphabet tiles given to you.
You can make long or short words, but they have to be spelled correctly. It sharpens the children's thinking, creativity, and linguistic skills.
Pop-O-Matic Trouble
Pop-O-Matic is also a fun and exciting game which can be played endlessly. It includes a board divided in 4 sections. There is a clear globe in the center of the board and dice around it. When the globe is pressed, the dice are rolled, and you have to race around the board to finish the game. It is very colorful and keeps you engrossed in it till you finish.
Learn and Play
If you are looking for some educational games, Boogle will definitely win your heart!
Easy to understand and fun to play, you can also get very competitive with it. In this game, there are letter cubes which have alphabets written on all their 6 faces. Form as many words as you can with the letters you have, in a time limit of three minutes per player. This will help kids develop their thinking speed and also stimulate quick word formation.
Detective  Kinder
If you are traveling with your family or are on a camping trip, here's a great idea to spend some fun time together! Being the perfect travel game, Clue can be very enjoyable for the entire family.
It is an exciting game as you get to unveil a mystery murder with the help of some intelligent clues. With the various fascinating characters from the game, you can have a thrilling time finding out who the murderer is and what weapon he used.
Children playing twister together
Twister is a great game, which suits its name perfectly. This is because, the game includes a large mat with various colored circles on it, where players have to place either their hands or feet.
To decide if the hand or foot goes on the respective color, there is a spinner that gives instructions you are supposed to follow. You get to twist a lot, and this is surely one of the greatest pastimes full of laughs.