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Best Board Games for Two Players That'll Drive Your Boredom Away

Medha Godbole Apr 19, 2019
Just the two of you at home? Is boredom round the corner? If it is, you can keep it at bay by playing a board game that is meant for two players. Here are some of the best...
There are times when there is an overall void and you have an amazingly free day. Being an unexpected free day, you are zapped as to how to spend it. Has this happened to you?
Only you and your partner, or your mom or dad, or a sibling are at home, and both of you are free, not knowing what to do. I don't know about anything else, but I am certain that you can play a board game and have a great time.


Yes, evergreen, wily old scrabble, which is being played since ages immemorial (well almost!). Need I tell what scrabble is! Each player gets a number of letters and a stand to set them.
Using those letters, players have to make words on the board. The longer the word, the better chances of scoring more than your opponent. The squares on the board where you put the tiled letters are entitled a value.


You need not be a Gary Kasparov or Vishwanathan Anand to play chess. It's no doubt a lot of exercise for your gray cells, but it's great for those good at forming strategies. Horses, king, queen, pawns and bishops on a checkered board, await.

Chinese Checkers

Without doubt, this is one of those fun board games for two to play.
The objective of this game is to place your pieces in the corner of the board opposite your starting position. The shape should be of a pitted hexagram. You can either hop across another piece or move besides a particular piece. The player who has no pieces left loses the game.

Guess Who

Here, each player starts the game with a board having caricatures of 2 people, with their first names. Both the players select a card of their choice from a separate stock, having the same cartoons. The aim of the game is to guess the card selected by the opponent. Certainly, a different board game.


One of the oldest board games, backgammon has been there for a long time.
Playing pieces in this game are moved according to the roll of the dice. The player who is able to get all of his pieces out of the board wins. There are many games which have evolved from this basic backgammon, and this is a member of the tables family of games, one of the oldest classes of games.


This game involves a few elements of tic-tac-toe, but is much more fun. It has that fun twist. Each player gets three out of 4 different-sized wooden playing pieces. The pieces nestle into each other.
It has a wooden box with a lid sliding in. When you pull the lid out and flip it over, you would come across your playing board. It is a 4x4 grid and the first player places one of their largest pieces on the board. The player who gets four in a row after putting pieces on the board according to size, wins!Try this game when you are bored! it's great fun.