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Bubble Soap Recipes That are Easy And Fun

Bhakti Satalkar Apr 20, 2019
Soap bubbles are not just fun to blow but also fun to make. Follow the guidelines to make the solution at home.
The primary ingredients required to make bubble soap include liquid soap and water. However, adding a bit of glycerin to the solution will ensure the bubbles last longer.

Process 1

Dishwashing Soap 2/3 cup
● Glycerin 2 to 3 tbsp
● Water 1 gallon
Mix the dishwashing liquid with water and leave it untouched for a couple of hours.
● Add glycerin to the mixture and mix well. The solution is now ready for use.

Process 2

Dishwashing soap 4 cups
● Corn Syrup 1 cup
● Water 11 cups
Mix corn syrup and dishwashing liquid together and keep it aside for 2 to 3 hours.
● Then add water to the mixture and mix well.
● Bottle the solution for a couple of hours, after which it can be used.
Using baby soap or mild detergent instead of harsh soaps, will ensure your child does not end up with nasty rashes.
Use bent coat hangers, looped string or bent wires to blow bubbles. A tip for parents is to keep a watchful eye on the kids and ensure they do not drink the soap solution, as it can be harmful for the child.