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Card Tricks Explained

Kanika Khara Nov 18, 2018
Card tricks are not only fun to watch, they are also fun to perform. If you are one of those who wish to stun your friends with some 'magic and illusion', here are some amazing card tricks and their secrets.
Usually most of the illusions in magic are performed using a simple deck of playing cards. Being one of the most classic and entertaining magic tricks, card tricks are enjoyed by people of all ages, especially kids.
Kids, while watching a magician perform a card trick, not only get amazed, but they also wish to learn and perform someday. So, if you want your kid to really learn, without investing much of time and efforts, this piece of information might just be able to help you.

All The Aces

In this trick, the spectator will cut the deck of cards in 4 piles and be dealt 3 random cards from each pile on to each of the other piles. When the top card of each pile is revealed, it turns out to be an ace card.
  • Start by putting all four aces on to the top of the deck, and then ask anyone from the audience to cut the deck into two piles.
  • Again divide the two piles so that, you have four piles in all. Number them in your mind from one to four; fourth being the top pile with aces.
  • Make the person pick up pile one, put the top three cards onto the bottom, and distribute the (now) top three cards onto the other piles, i.e., one card on each pile.
  • Ask the person to do the same with the other piles, and then turn over the top cards from each pile to reveal all four aces.

Appearing Card

Here, you ask the spectator to pick a card out of a shuffled deck which you place at the bottom of the deck with other three random cards and shuffle.
Then you remove three cards from the bottom of the deck and ask the spectator if any of those are his; none are. Those cards are laid on the table and when one of the cards is flipped over, it appears to be the one selected by the spectator.
  • Ask anyone from the audience to shuffle the cards and then choose one card from the deck. Remove three cards from the bottom, and ask the person to put that card on top of those three, and keep the four cards at the bottom of the deck.
  • Shuffle the deck, but make sure you keep the four bottom cards in the same spot. Now deal the first bottom card and keep it face down on the table.
  • Remove the next bottom card and place it at the top of the deck. Keep the other two bottom cards face down on the table.
  • The last card that you have put down at the top of the other piled cards on the table is the actual card.
  • Pick up the tabled cards, square them up, and hold them in such a way that the person can see the face of just the bottom card. Ask if this is the card and he/she will say no.
  • Lower the cards in dealing position and quickly deal the top card (the actual card) onto the table. Do it carefully and naturally, so that the audience will think you just dealt the card you showed them.
  • Now show the top card from those in your hands and ask if this is the one; the person will say no.
  • Keep that card on the table and finally show the last card in your hand and ask again. The person will say no again, put the card onto the other two and ask what the card was.
  • Once he/she tells you, make the actual card appear by flipping it on the table.


In this trick, the spectator sees what his/her card is, and you have to select three random cards which have to be put in a deck made by the spectator.
  • Memorize the bottom card, scroll through the cards and ask the person when to stop.
  • While you are sliding their card (actual card) out, carefully use your thumb to remove the bottom card. The card you know now is the actual card.
  • Put the group of cards back in to the deck and ask the person to shuffle cards.
  • Now make a fan of cards, facing up towards you and ensure that he/she is not able to see the cards as you are choosing.
  • Once you see the actual card, remove it along with 3 - 4 more cards and say ' I think it is one of these 3 - 4 cards'. Keep that card at the bottom of those 3 - 4 cards and ask the person to make a fist vertically, but not holding it very tight.
  • Finally slap the cards strongly so that only one card is remaining which is their card. If all cards fall down, make sure that the card is still at bottom and repeat the step until one card stays.
Though these card tricks are simple to follow and understand, before performing live in front of an audience, practice them well. Try including some facial expressions and a bit of drama while performing these tricks and don't forget to bow graciously when you'll be applauded!