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Card Tricks for Kids

Shrinivas Kanade Jun 18, 2019
Card tricks for kids is an easy way of entertaining them. Read on, to know more about card tricks for kids to learn.
Card tricks used by a magician can often leave the audience spellbound. Ever wondered whether you can do the same for your friends and family. You may surely have spared a thought and searched for some simple card tricks that your child may perform.
However, one cannot always stand against the press of time and have his or her own way. If you are of the same mind still, and want to pull some fantastic tricks involving magic and optical illusions on the audience then here, you will find some useful easy card tricks for beginners, for a start.

Easy to Do Card Tricks

One such occasion is right on your door step waiting to be utilized, Christmas. If you are a kid who wants to use the family gathering for the festival, to introduce yourself as a magician then you can do so by learning and performing some amazing card tricks a kid can perform.

Red Stack and Black Stack

This card trick for kids is very simple to execute and any kid who cannot even identify the cards can perform it. Then let's learn the business.
  • Separate the red and black cards in a deck and stack them separately.
  • You ask an individual to select a card from a stack and add it to the another.
  • He may shuffle the other stack, after adding the card to and make your job of identifying it difficult.
  • Pick up the other stack and find the odd colored card in it.
The trick is very simple to perform. However, you must not let any of the audience to go through the stacks and know the secret behind this cool card tricks.

Five Magic Cards

While doing this card trick, you will need an assistant and a puppet or a globe of glass. To successfully pull it off, you must have some kind of talk ready and plan the execution of the trick carefully. Let the audience know that the puppet or the globe of glass, talks to you.
  • Go out of the room and request one of them to select five cards. Optionally, you can stay right in front of them with your back to the audience.
  • Ask the individual to memorize the cards. Tell your assistant to show the cards to the audience and your puppet or the globe, before putting all of them back in the deck which is in your assistant's hands.
  • The success of this card trick depends on not shuffling the deck after the cards are replaced.
  • Enter the room or turn to face the audience when your assistant gives the signal that all the five cards are selected and replaced.
  • Your assistant fans the deck in his hand with the card facing him and points to the left most and asks, "Well, magician, is this one of the selected card?" and while doing so, gives you a prearranged signal to indicate whether it is or not.
  • You make a lot of show of consulting with your magic globe of glass or the magic puppet and hold a conversation with it.
  • Say, Yes!, if it is and request another individual to remove the card from the deck and show it to the audience.
  • If you have the right dialog, this is one of the easy children's card tricks which can be pulled off successfully. It convinces the young ones that it is the magic globe that is giving away the secrets or it is the puppet that is cheating on them.

Christopher's Card Trick

Christopher's is one of the simple tricks to learn and perform.
  • Arrange all the cards in the deck face-down.
  • Ask one of the audience to come forward and break the deck in two stacks.
  • Deal some cards out, face-down, from the stack chosen.
  • Combine the stacks to make one stack and ask the individual to choose one card from those already dealt.
  • While he or she is selecting and memorizing the card, behind your back, secretly flip the last card in deck (face-down), in your hand, so that it is now, face-up and flip the deck.
  • Now, only the top card is face-down and the rest are face-up.
  • Request the individual to insert the chosen card (face-down) in the deck.
  • Now, you have the top and chosen card face-down in the whole deck.
  • Make a show that you are trying really hard to identify the chosen card.
  • Have some funny dialogs ready to deliver during the trick which will not only make it a successful card trick for kids, but also an enjoyable one.
Good luck, young magician. With this, you are ready to perform. However, you need to practice these are also very hard, until you can do them without fumbling with the cards or getting stuck with your dialogs.