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Chess Moves to Win Fast and Tear Down Your Opponent

Omkar Phatak Oct 21, 2018
This is a guide to playing chess moves that help you win fast. Learn how to rapidly demolish your opponent, by outthinking him.
A chess game is a bloodless battle on the chessboard, between two minds. To win at chess, you need to concentrate and think ahead. If you are looking for easy chess moves to win, look elsewhere, as winning is never easy and if it is easy, it is not satisfying.
Herein, you won't find a listing of chess moves that let you win fast. The first reason for absence of such a listing is that there are no sure-fire moves, that work all the time. Second reason is that chess moves should not be mugged up, but understood.
Chess has been played for over hundreds of years now and millions of games have been played and analyzed all over the world. You might think that, by now, there must be one perfect combination of moves, which is an inescapable trap, that will guarantee winning. No, nobody has come up with a sure-fire winning combination of moves, not even supercomputers.
That is because, the complexity of the problem is so high, that total number of permutations and combinations of moves, coupled with the typical rules of chess, make it an impossible task. That is why, chess is such a beautiful game, because it is full of possibilities and is unpredictable, like life.

Tips on Playing Moves To Win Fast

A chess game is divided into roughly three stages, which are, 'opening', 'middle game', and 'endgame'. Here are some tips on identifying and playing moves to win fast, in every stage of the game. To win fast in chess, ideally, the game should be in your pocket by the middle of the game. Play aggressively and take no prisoners. Hope these lessons help you.


The opening is the beginning of the battle and every move made here is crucial. It will set the tone for the rest of the game. The guy playing with white pieces has the choice to decide what kind of game it'll be, as he plays first. Here are some tips for some opening moves.

Look for Forks and Pin Pieces

The knight fork is always something you should look out for and if you find a piece standing in front of the king, pin it.

Take Hold of the Central Squares

The age-old edict, which still works is, center control. Take control of the center and the game is yours.

Spot Holes in Defense and Exploit

The opening starts with pawn moves and with every move, a defensive pawn structure is created, which acts as a bulwark and launching pad for future attacks. If your opponent is not careful, he'll leave holes in the pawn structure, which should be exploited with the help of jumping knights, which can hop over the defenses and cause serious trouble.

If Queen's out in Opening, Trap Her

If your opponent is naive enough to get his prime warrior, the Queen, out in the opening itself, tail her, trap her, and kill her.

Make the Opponent Pay For Every Mistake

Never let go of the opponent, when he makes a mistake, make him pay for it.

Middle Game

There is no fixed number of moves, after which the middle game is set to begin.

To Win Fast, One Must Sacrifice

Sacrifices are tough to spot. Sacrifices bamboozle an opponent and confuse him. Sacrifice a piece and trigger a winning combination.

Spot and Work Out Combinations

Middle game is the time for combinations. Try and spot winning combinations. Always think two moves ahead and explore all possibilities before going ahead.

Remember, the Ultimate Objective is to Checkmate the King

Do not forget, that to win the chess game, all you need to do is get the opponent's king and checkmate him. You do not need to conquer all of his or her pieces to win. Attack the king aggressively.


The endgame is the most difficult part. The course of the endgame will be decided by how your middle game has gone and what is your material, temporal, and positional advantage over your opponent.

Keep promoting Pawns

Pawns are future Queens. Keep promoting and protecting pawns.

Never Let the Opponent, Off the Hook

Once you get an advantage, press it till the end. Do not let your opponent off the hook. Always have a plan.

Gobble as many of Your Enemy's Pawns as Possible

Take as many of the opponent's pawns as you can, that reduces his bargaining power in the game.
Chess is a game of patience, to be played with a cool mind. Methodical and clinical demolition of your opponent is possible, if you plan it out and anticipate your opponent's moves. You set a trap and let him walk into it. Best moves to win, cannot be listed or learned, they have to be acquired through experience.