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Coin Tricks for Beginners

Itching to Learn Some Coin Tricks for Beginners? Go on Then!

For those who wish to learn magic, simple coin tricks can be an easy way to get started and hone your skills. You can impress your friends, family, and neighbors with your magic. This Plentifun article tells you some easy to perform tricks. Check 'em out!
Aarti R
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
When performing coin tricks, always ask the audience for coins. It will assure them that you are not using any special or trick coins.

Magic fascinates many of us. It is all about confidence and distraction, and not all tricks require some kind of advanced knowledge. There are many tricks that are performed during a magic show using cards or coins.
In the learning phase, some easy tricks with coins act as a confidence booster and provide a great platform to learn other advanced tricks involved in magic. They can be performed in front of friends and family. Although they are easy to learn and grasp, you will require some practice to be able to present them in an entertaining and tricky way. Here are some magic tricks using coins. Stun everyone around with your performance!
Magic Tricks Using Coins

Pull a Coin from Air

Let us take a look at the procedure of pulling a coin from air. This is one of the easiest tricks to learn.
  • The very first step is to stick the coin to the back of the palm with a adhesive tape. The front of your hand faces the audience and the back of your hand will have the coin attached to it. Keep your hand movements natural so that nobody suspects that you have a coin stuck to the back of your hand.
  • The next step is to hide your hand from the audience like under the table or behind your ears. While your hand is not visible to the audience, flip the coin.
  • After flipping the coin bring your hand in front of the audience. Remember to flip the coin slowly so that the adhesive tape does not come off. Practice this trick on your own, and then try it in front of the audience so that your moves become smoother and seem natural.

Magic Coin Pouch

You will require a small piece of paper and a coin to perform this trick.
  • Place the coin at the center of the paper. Fold the edge at the bottom of paper so as to join it with the upper edge of the paper. The bottom edge of the paper is folded in such a way that it is 5 mm away from the upper edge of the paper.
  • Then the right end of the folded paper is then folded in half, and also fold the right end of the paper to the same position. Bend the upper end of the paper behind the coin. This pouch will appear as a seal to the audience. However, they cannot make out that there is an opening at the upper side of the seal.
  • Now, the real trick starts from here. Turn the pouch upside down and hold your palm in such a way, that it faces your side and not the audience. Hold the opening of the pouch facing your side between the index finger and thumb. Now, let the coin fall off slowly on your palm. Then tear off the paper into two pieces so that the audience will think that the coin has vanished.

The Coin That Vanished
This trick can be performed anytime and anywhere. All you need is a handkerchief, a coin, and a partner who is trained in the secret too.
  • Start with placing the coin on the palm of your hand and covering it with a handkerchief over your hand.
  • Invite several members from the audience and ask them to check for the coin under the handkerchief so that they are sure it is still there.
  • After the last person checks for the coin, whip off the handkerchief and show everyone that the coin has vanished.
  • The trick here is that the last person feeling the coin should be your partner. When he/she feels the coin, they remove the coin and keep it in their pockets. Now is the time when you whip the handkerchief. However, make sure that your partner appears as any ordinary member of the audience so that people do not recognize him/her. Easy, wasn't it?

Coin Transformation
Ever saw a nickel or dime transform into a quarter? No? Well, we'll show you how. This trick requires a dime and a quarter.
  • Carefully place a quarter between you right hand's index finger and thumb.
  • In between the throws, the dime will be in your right palm. Begin by throwing it into your hand a few times.
  • Next, pretend to throw it again, but instead, hold on to it while you release the quarter into your right palm. Be quick in your moves so as to make it look authentic.
  • Close your hand around the quarter to attract attention, while you secretly hide the dime. It will appear as the dime has transformed to a quarter.

These were some easy coin tricks revealed. The tricks do not require any special coins, and you can easily try them out. Apart from these, you can also try out simple card tricks and amaze all the people around you.
Hand of woman is flipping a coin
A hand getting ready to flip a euro coin
Magician's hand close up sleight-of-hand magic trick