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Coin Tricks for Kids

Tulika Nair Jan 22, 2019
Do you see a Houdini in your kid? Then teach him these coin tricks to increase his interest in magic and illusionist acts.
There are some indelible memories from everyone's childhood. Though, you are aware of things like creating illusions and sleight of hand, but you might be amazed by the skills at a young age. Coin tricks, as magic and optical illusions, always keeps the party entertained and your kid has a new hobby to challenge his creativity and encourage him to do better.

Vanishing Coin

Sit at a table and ask a person from the audience to give you a coin. Rub your left elbow with the coin and pretend to be hurt by it, forcing you to drop the coin on the table. Use your right hand to pick up the coin and act as if you are placing the coin in your left hand.
Now put your right hand up (as if you are trying to move your sleeves back) and while doing so drop the coin down the back of your shirt (without anyone noticing).
Rub your left elbow again and then open your hands to show the audience that you have no coin in both your hands. It is important that your action of dropping the coin down the back of your shirt is neat and imperceptible.

Coin Sensing

With proper dramatic flair, it is extremely easy to leave your audience awestruck with this coin trick. You need a bag of coins for this trick. Ask a member of the audience to pick out a coin from the bag, note the denomination or make a mark on it, and then drop it into the bag again. After this you magically pull out the same coin from the bag.
Your secret weapon? Body temperature. When the spectator picks out the coin, ask him to imprint the coin against his hand. Tell him that this is important so that there is mental image of the coin created in both your minds.
When you are searching for the coin in the bag, you will be able to tell which coin to pick because of the difference in the temperature of the coin as compared to the other coins in the bag.

Coin Passing Through Leg

Take a coin and place it on your thigh. For position, use your right thumb. Using your left hand (only fingertips), gather your trousers' leg and pull it over the coin. Use your right thumb to turn the coin over. Keep pulling the pant's leg over the coin and while doing so place your left thumb over the coin and use the thumb to flip the coin onto your hand.
This is the part where you need to create an illusion that the coin is still wrapped up in the pant's leg. Now in a very matter of fact manner move your left hand away and place it behind your leg. Take your right hand away from the pant leg and for dramatic effect snap your fingers. Roll down your pant to show the audience that the coin has disappeared.
You now need to tighten your leg in manner that the coin stays behind the leg as you will need to show both your hands to the audience. Next reach behind your leg and using your left hand rub the back of the leg and pull the coin from behind the leg as if the coin was pushed in from the front and appeared behind.

Disappearing Coin

The first step is to place the coin at the center of the paper. Now take the bottom of the paper and move it upwards, creating a fold at a distance of five millimeters from the upper edge of the paper. Now fold the right side of the paper in half and repeat the same with the left side. Fold the upper side of the paper behind the coin.
This will lead the audience to believe that the pouch is sealed, without realizing that there is an opening at the upper end of the pouch. The real trick here is ensuring that the audience does not realize that there is an opening in the pouch that allows the coin to slide down.
Turn the pouch upside down with your palm facing you and let the coin slide down your sleeves. Now tear the pouch into two and lead your audience to believe that the coin has vanished.
When you perform these acts, remember to add to the drama of the situation and keep your audience engaged so that they do not realize the sleight of hand you are indulging in. Finesse is important in any magic trick as that will allow you to amaze your audience and leave them dumbstruck.