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Company Picnic to Adventure Plus

July 31 was the day we ventured to Adventure Plus, on a company picnic to this beautiful adventure sports park near Bhor. Keep reading to share the experiences of our adventure.
Plentifun Staff
Adventure was the keyword this time. We had planned an outing to Adventure Plus, one of the largest adventure sports park around and one of its kind. The date was finalized and we were all set to travel to our picnic destination - Adventure Plus.
The day began and ended... adventurously. And as I sat to pen down my observations of the day, I realized I didn't have many! No observations this time; probably because there was much more involvement. It often so happens that you begin to observe things you can't be part of. How can you observe something you are very much a part of? You cannot. Perhaps, something similar happened with me. I didn't observe much. I was involved. Hence what follows is going to be an account of my involvement, not observation. Well, there were some instances when I came out of the picture to observe it.
Journey Begins
After that bit of deviation which is allowed, here I begin, an account of our company picnic to Adventure Plus. We started off at around 8.30 am (we were asked to report to office at 7.00 am, which none of us did). It took an hour for all of us to assemble in office and then began the adventure, the journey. A journey that promised fun. Our being together and fun are almost cause and effect. We were on our way to Adventure Plus.
Meeting Nature
Nature is all around us, all the time, it's mostly something we come across and hardly get to closely meet. We met nature in all its beautiful forms; drizzles, heavy rains, a sea-blue river, muddy waters, a sun obscured behind hills, waterfalls, clouds floating high, clouds that had cleverly escaped the sky, and the hill ranges that seemed to run past us as we advanced towards our destination. Our eyes met with green; lush, fresh greens around us, tall trees, small shrubs, bathed in the rains; green grass, greener on our side as we were happy, out on our picnic to Adventure Plus.
Reaching Adventure Plus
Our hour-long journey seemed to have ended in minutes as we were having fun all the way. Fun-filled time always takes flight. We were greeted by one of the coordinators at Adventure Plus who guided us to the cafeteria. Breakfast was ready, we quickly gulped it down and rushed to the adventure activities. With our sports caps on, we were all set to meet adventure.
Being Terrestrial
Land activities! Our day began with land activities like rock climbing, spidernet, tarzan rope, commando net and rope bridge. Be it walking up and down the spider and commando nets or walking along the rope bridge, the walk was along an unstable path, and that's what added excitement to the activity. We are used to walking on stable, concrete pathways. And here, the roadway was unstable. We often walk unstably along a firm-built path, seldom do we walk stably across an unstable road. And that's what made all the difference, the difference that each of us enjoyed experiencing.
We set our best foot forward and started treading along the not-so-trodden path of first the spider net, then the commando net, then ropes and then the rocks! The land activities at Adventure Plus also included rifle shooting and archery. Both were about aiming right and hitting the bull's eye. Some could aim it right, some could not; some could target the bull's eye, some could hit the bull. Next in line were mountain biking, cycling, and skating. They took us back to the good old days of school and college when riding & pedaling used to be fun. Why 'used to be', they were still the same. In fact, everything about them was just the same, but for the change in OUR size and age.
After so many adventure activities, we were, yes hungry. It was lunch time and we got busy eating. Well, there was a bit of mismanagement there, a long line, food items going out of stock, lack of man power and a whole lot of confusion. There was a group of around 50, on their company picnic. They started yelling for food, hooting and hollering out names... all of which they called 'cheering themselves up'. It was quite understandable though, as these things happen when hunger and anger come together. Our hunger had reached its peak, so had our anger, and the food arrived! We pounced on it. Thankfully, the food was quite good. After lunch, we stretched ourselves on hammocks. It was so nice of the hammocks to let us rest, rest assured that we won't fall off and enjoy a short afternoon nap.
Water is Life
It was about 3 in the afternoon and it was time to plunge into water. The water sports were to begin! They had kayaking, paddle boating and hydrobiking. Many went the water way, some fell for it, some fell in it [;)]; while those scared of water just waited and watched. There is something about water that keeps you entrapped; it's fun being in it and also in watching it; be it lake water that ripples, river water that flows, or the salty sea water that silently roars. There is something about the sight of water and there's something about its sound; something that makes you feel you never want to get out of it or lose its sight. Water definitely is Life.
On Loving Water
Why do we enjoy water sports so much? I wonder sometimes. Boating, paddling, kayaking or swimming in water or just splashing water all around... almost everyone enjoys it. Why? Probably because being in water is a break from being on Earth. Well, not literally; but we are just so used to being on the ground, stable and anchored. But we are not used to being afloat. Standing and walking is usual, floating is not. In water, we are weightless, suspended, afloat. The feeling of being able to float is one of its kind and perhaps that's one of the primary reasons why people love water sports.
Feeling Aquatic
Paddling against the water current was hectic, rowing was equally tiring, hydrobiking was restricted to a very few as it had a weight limit which was quite less than the average weight of a healthy human being. [:)] It's difficult to find light individuals these days. All these water sports were indeed exciting as they involved 'water' and 'racing', sometimes with it, sometimes against it.
Crossing Over
Bridge crossing, or crossing the Burmah Bridge as Adventure Plus calls it, was fun. It was a bridge hanging over water, giving that 'London bridge is falling down' kind of a feeling and nonetheless, the thrill of almost walking on water. The bridge was an ideal location for photography, an apt place to capture the picturesque surroundings, which some of our photography enthusiasts efficiently did. They photographed not just people and boats, but also captured emotions - fear, thrill, glee, worry, and excitement.
Yes, I had forgotten about this very important member accompanying us silently, our camera. It was not a silent spectator; it was a keen observer, capturing moments and creating memories, wherever we went.
Dancing in the Rain
And then we went to dance in the rain. After enjoying the water sports, it was time to dance, rain dance! Rain - in the form of water the swimming pool held, the showers poured and sprinklers splashed! With water being splashed from all sides, we had water all around us and we played and danced, IN water, ON water, UNDER water :) and around it.
Some danced in groups, while some danced alone, some actually, some 'invisibly', some in the pool, some on the deck, some with the beat, some offbeat. Be it in a crowd, or be it alone, dance is about spontaneity. It's not an expression; it's an exclamation. It's not about the beat, tempo, or melody every time. It's not about to the tune of; it's rather about in tune with. Dancing is not about looking at those around you; it's not even about looking at yourself; it's about looking into yourself. When you look into yourself and dance, you don't care about who's looking at you or how you look. You just dance. And that's exactly what most of us did.
After a hearty dance that made us happy and hungry again, we were served snacks. The camera persons in our team made the best effort to click everything that was photogenic; the place and the people. Our camera captured the setting sun.
Bidding Goodbye
It was time to bid goodbye to Adventure Plus; it was time to get back home. It had started raining and we started walking towards our buses. We had been there in two buses and when we reached to where they were parked, we were surprised to see a drastic difference between their heights from the ground! One of them had got stuck in mud, we soon realized. An adventure travel was to begin, we guessed. Our company picnic was destined to end with one last adventure.
Well, confusion, chaos, and mismanagement are all a part of adventure. Be it mismanagement at the food counter, the activity area, or the bus parking, those little fights, sometimes with people, at times with circumstances, add to adventure. Climbing up, sliding down, falling off, rolling about, running around, screaming aloud, shouting out... they are all a part of adventure!
If Only
Oh...our bus, the poor bus which had carried us that long was helplessly stuck in the mud, unable to get up. This could have been avoided, if only we would have given a serious thought to where we were going, I mean, to how and where the bus was going to be parked. But there was no point discussing what could have been done and how. It never makes sense to do that but it's something we often tend to do - thinking about what 'could have' been done and living with the 'if onlys'. We were present-minded enough to not do that though, and we took a decision.
On Staying Back and Letting Go
A decision to let some of the team members go ahead while the others would stay back. In life too, there are many instances when some have to stay back to let the others go ahead. In fact, the ones who stay back have an important role to play. They back those going ahead, they risk reaching late, they let others walk ahead of them while they remain backstage. That's life.
Life is a journey; life is an adventure. Every single day, any small incident, a small outing, a long tour, a person in your life or a stranger you happen to meet... just anything or anyone can give you a glimpse of life.
The day had ended and so had our company picnic. The ones who had stayed back returned by midnight. Thanks to them, some of the others could reach back in time. After our safe return from adventure, it was time to say hello to work. It was time to work towards planning another outing, a company picnic to someplace else!