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Creative Things to Do On a Boring Day

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Sep 26, 2018
The daily activities of our life sometimes bring boredom, making us feel like doing something creative and fun to kill the monotony. Here some ideas are provided, for creative things to do to have fun on a boring day.
The most frustrating and irritating thing is getting bored. After completing your work, study, and chores, sitting idle is very depressing. The best way to kill boredom is by indulging in some creative activities. They not only help pass time quickly, but also give you something constructive to do. The following ideas will help you liven up a boring day.

Ideas for Kids

Children love doing things that are creative. They enjoy arts and crafts. The following ideas will help keep your children busy instead of getting bored.
  • Try food coloring as a fun activity. Mix food color with water, and drop the water through coffee filters. Hand over a paint brush to your child and see his/her bursts of creativity.
  • Vegetable art is also a fun activity. Cut different vegetables like a potato, ladyfinger, or any others. Use these cut pieces to draw different shapes on the paper. Or you can dip the cut pieces in paint and press them over a page to make different images. Children will have great fun creating different pieces of art.
  • Open the old world map and ask your child to spot different countries and cities on the map. This way, he/she will learn more about the world.
  • Ask your child to draw a route map from your house to his/her favorite place, be it the park, a restaurant, or their school. Ask him/her to draw some major landmarks along the route and point out the places that he/she sees regularly. This will surely keep his/her mind occupied for quite some time.
  • Give your child some writing prompts. Even though the child may not have great writing skills, it will help to explore his/her imagination. Provide them decorative, brightly-colored pages and colorful pens.
  • Bake a cake along with your child. Let him/her decide the color, flavor, size, and shape of the cake. This activity is fun, creative, and also gives you some quality time with your child.
  • You can play a game of I Spy or Rapid questions about animals, things around the house, or his/her favorite cartoon character.
  • You can also teach your child to play an instrument like the piano or the guitar. Typing games for kids are also one of the things to do when they are bored.

Things To Do At Home

The best way to spend a boring weekend is by provoking your mind to do something creative. The following ideas might help.
  • You can try writing a blog. This will help you contribute some valuable thoughts or knowledge to the cyber world. You may also develop a fan following who religiously follows your blogs.
  • Write a poem or a story and explore your creative writing skills.
  • Read a book. Books are our best friends who will keep you busy, and you won't realize how quickly time flies.
  • Learn a new recipe and try making it. This will ensure that you have fun and also make for a unique lunch or dinner.
  • Make some paintings or try some design ideas for etching glass. Making beautiful glass decorations is a creative thing to do at home.

Things To Do With Friends

Spending some time with friends is a great stress buster. Many times, you are bored of doing the same things over and over again. Try the following ideas and have fun.
  • Read the same book and plan a review. Try and explain your version of the story and learn different points of view.
  • Write a few lines of a story. Ask the next friend to add a few more sentences to take the story forward. You will be amused with the way the story line ends up.
  • Play games like scrabble or chess and challenge yourselves intellectually.
  • Volunteer yourselves for the local social service community. Spend some time with orphaned children or in old age homes.
Look up the Internet and gather knowledge. Keep yourself entertained and busy with reading, writing, and painting. Try singing or learn how to play an instrument. Learn a new language. Always keep your mind occupied with some creative things to do. As it is rightly said, An empty mind is a devil's workshop.