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Creative Things to do When Bored

Aastha Dogra Nov 22, 2018
Here are some fun and creative things to do for adults, teens, and kids when bored. Make your free hours productive and interesting by including some of these activities in them.
Being creative, trying different things, and developing original thinking adds to one's skills. Today, be it your professional life or personal life, individuals with creative thinking are always appreciated. Your free time during weekends and holidays is the best time to foster creativity.
When you indulge in creative activities, you will not have the time to feel bored, which is often a complaint with people of all ages when they have lots of free time at their disposal. So, scroll down to know some of the most creative things to do when bored.

A Budding Writer

Write a story. Everyone has a story to tell; it can be about some funny incident in your daily life, about an unusual experience when on a holiday, or even about something that you feel strongly about that you saw on television yesterday.
Just pick up a pen or turn on your computer, and start writing. Who knows, if it turns out well, you might even be able to get it published! If not, start your own blog and post all your stories there.

What's Cooking

One of the fun things to do is to try a new recipe. Whether you know cooking or not, search for some recipe from the Internet and try them in your kitchen.
Although, it may not taste great if you do not know how to cook, you will still feel great about trying something new. And just in case it turns out yummy, invite your boyfriend/girlfriend over for lunch. This is indeed one of the most spontaneous and creative things to do for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Getting Rich

Chart out your future plans. If you are someone who equates success with money, start thinking of ways to make more money.
Come up with various kinds of business ideas. If you seriously like any of the ideas, break it further into how you will go about implementing it. This is what is called doing something constructive with your free time.

Venturing Out

One of the reasons why you're feeling bored in life is that you have not learned something new in a while. Is your routine confined to your home and office/school? If yes, then you need to add excitement to your life by learning new things.
It can be a new language, musical instrument, or a dance form. Choose according to your interests and capabilities. Once you start learning any of these, you need to practice at home as well and thus, will not be left with any free time to feel bored.

Mind Spacing

It is said that our surroundings affect our brain. Has it been some time since you decorated your room?
If yes, then why not make a few changes, like adding some flashy curtains or buying a new rug for your room? If you are not in the mood to shop, then simply move around the furniture a bit to change the look of your room and create more space. Believe us, this will do wonders for the way you feel.


Kids have a shorter attention span and you would need to plan a number of creative activities to keep them occupied during their free time.
If you are a working parent and have a lot on your hands to do on a holiday, you can plan for your kids to have them share your housework. Car washing, gardening, grocery shopping - these are some of the activities which kids really enjoy, plus they get to learn a lot too through them.


Making a collage which kids can later stick on their room wall is another interesting thing to do while bored.
For this activity, give the kids some old magazines and have them make cut-outs of the things that they like. Later, they can paste these pictures on chart paper, and you can help them put it up in their room. Change the collage on a monthly basis, as it will give the kids something to do every month.


To teach the kids the importance of saving the environment, one of the creative activities you can plan is to have them grow a plant.
For this, give the kids a pot, painting colors, and a brush. The kids can paint the pot in whichever way they want. Later, you can help them plant small plant in it. Your kid gets to keep the plant in the room and from then on, he/she has to take care of it everyday.


Take the kids on a nature walk to a nearby park and have them click photographs of birds, flowers, insects, trees, shrubs, or anything that they find fascinating.
They can even click photographs of people and other children in the park. These days, there are digital cameras available for kids above the age of four as photography has become very popular amongst them. So, invest in a good one for your budding photographer.
As you can see, there are a host of fun activities that you can take up to keep yourself, as well as your kids, engaged. So, take your pick from any of these and covert your free idle time into a new learning experience!