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Easy Card Tricks for Kids

Sheetal Mandora Apr 21, 2019
Teach your kids some amazing card tricks, and have them showoff their skills to everyone else. Read ahead for simple, yet fun tricks that kids can learn in a jiffy.
If you've never tried your luck with cards or are completely new at card tricks, you may not easily understand what the trick is.
It means that the trick can be done flawlessly, but the mechanics behind the trick might seem confusing.
If that's the case, It's recommended that you try the tricks which we are about to see and do them with the cards facing up. This way, you will learn what exactly happens when the tricks are performed.

The Rising Card

Take a deck of cards, and punch a rectangular hole on the box itself. Make sure you punch it in the back so that when you hold the box in front of the audience, the hole isn't visible. Now the first thing you do is ask a member from the audience to pick a card and show it to you.
Take the card back and shuffle the deck. While shuffling, make sure you keep the audience card at the top of the deck. Now place the deck back inside the box and keep your index finger through the hole. Say the magic word―Alakazam―and push the card up. The card will rise up from the box and the audience will be left amazed.

The Memory Game

Get a deck of 52 cards for the trick. Now what the audience doesn't know is that you will already see what's the bottom card on the deck. So make sure you memorize this card (for example, ace of hearts) and keep it in the bottom. Now ask a member from the audience to come to you. Fan out all 52 cards in front of the volunteer and ask him/her to pick a card.
Ask the volunteer to memorize the card and keep it on the table. Make sure the card is facing down so that he/she doesn't suspect you. Gather the cards, keep the volunteer's card on top of the deck and have the volunteer cut the deck in half. Take the cards and search for ace of hearts. The card on the left of the ace of hearts is your volunteer's card.

Aces All the Way

For out next trick, we will need ace of hearts, ace of spades, and ace of clubs. In your right or left hand, hold the ace of clubs, then place the ace of hearts next to it but behind the first card, and then the ace of clubs on the right.
Make sure that the ace of hearts card is behind the other 2 cards and the heart is upside down. When you look at the cards, you will see that the ace of hearts is in fact looking like the ace of diamonds. Show the cards to the audience and place the ace of clubs and ace of spades cards face up on the table.
The ace of hearts card will be face down. Ask the audience to guess the third card. When they have all guessed the card, turn it over to reveal that it is in fact, ace of hearts.

The Invisible Card

For our final trick, we need a handkerchief, deck of 52 cards, scissors, and toothpick. Cut the toothpick according to the width of the cards, and pierce it through the handkerchief. Make sure that you pierce it near the hem of the handkerchief.
Now take the deck of cards and fan it out (face up) properly in front of you. Place the handkerchief on top of the cards so that they are all hidden. Keep the toothpick part of the handkerchief close to you and hold the toothpick.
Select the top card, either in the center of the deck or on either ends and insert the toothpick underneath it. Say the magic words and pull on the handkerchief along with the card. Drop the card instantly into your lap and show the handkerchief to the audience with nothing in it.
Remember to ask your kid not to reveal the secrets to the audience as keeping the illusion intact is essential. These tricks may not make him/her one of the famous magicians. But, it sure guarantees your kid to be popular among other kids.