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Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

Dr. Sumaiya Khan Nov 23, 2018
A magic show always manages to be the star attraction at any party. Following are a few easy magic tricks for kids to perform, which are bound to leave the audience spellbound!
One of the best things to have at a birthday party is a magic show! What better way to throw a party, than by enthralling kids with some optical illusions? And better still, if the magician performing these wonderfully spellbinding tricks before them is a kid himself. This increases the fun factor even more. Here are some fun tricks, for kids to master!

» Vanishing Coin

1. Ask someone from the audience to hand you a coin.

2. Rub this coin on your left elbow.

3. Act like it hurts you, and drop it on the table.

4. Now, pick up the coin with your right hand, and pretend to place it in the left one.
5. Put your right hand, which is holding the coin, up to your ear and rub your left hand (which is supposedly holding the coin) on your elbow.

6. Slyly drop the coin down the back of your shirt and display your empty hands to your audience.

» Arm That Goes 360º

1. To perform this trick, you need to wear a thick sweater or shirt.

2. Before the audience arrives, stand up behind the table, and place your palms on the table.
3. Point your right hand towards your left hand while placing them on the table.
4. Once the audience is seated, tell them that you will now turn your palm in a circle.

5. Then, turn your left hand counterclockwise in one full circle until your fingers are facing your right hand again.

6. Watch everyone gawk and scream in pain, as your hand completes a full spin.

» Find the Card

1. Use a normal deck of fifty-two cards for this trick.

2. Before you begin, quickly check the card on the top of the deck.

3. Now, show the card at the bottom of the pack to the audience and ask them to memorize it.
4. Shuffle all the cards except for the one at the bottom.

5. Shuffle the card at the bottom and cut the deck at its level.

6. Show the card by cutting the deck at this level and watch your audience recoil in shock!

» Just for Laughs

1. This is a funny trick which would get laughs rather than awestruck reactions.

2. Take a deck of cards and shuffle them, or shuffle them like an expert, by throwing them halfway all over the place for added effect.
3. Ask anyone to pick a card and say, "When you jump up and down ten times while counting to ten, your card will appear on my arm."

4. You can choose to make the person do something even funnier.
5. Then, dramatically pull up your sleeve and show them your arm which has 'YOUR CARD' written in bold letters and watch them double up in laughter! Of course, ensure that you have it painted on your arm before you begin with the show.
So, these were some magic tricks revealed for you. All of them are very easy to learn and are sure to be a huge hit at any party!