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Simple Card Tricks That are Oh-so-easy

Gayatri Haldankar Sep 26, 2018
Want to learn some easy and simple card tricks? You can then flaunt your skills in front of friends and family, and impress everyone. Read on.
By using a pack of cards or two, you can perform many card tricks. These tricks are so easy and simple that they can be learned and performed by anyone. Performing them doesn't require any special skill. What they require is a regular pack of playing cards and a little bit of a practice. So are you ready to learn and perform these tricks? Let's go for it.

Trick 1: Easy Pick

◈ Ask your friend to pick up a card from the deck and memorize it.
◈ Shuffle the cards and ask him to place the picked card on the top of the deck.
◈ Take the deck behind your back and pretend to shuffle the cards while you flip the top card such that its face faces upwards.
◈ Bring the deck in front such that its bottom faces your friend. In the meanwhile, watch the flipped card, which now faces you.
◈ Memorize the card and take the deck behind your back again. Flip the card and place it anywhere in the deck.
◈ Bring the deck in front and shuffle the cards.
◈ Now, point out the chosen card from the deck.

Trick 2: Reds and Blacks

◈ Separate the deck into two parts by the two colors such that one part has red colored cards and other has black colored cards.
◈ Place the separated decks on the flat surface.
◈ Ask your friend to choose one card from each deck, memorize it, place it again but in opposite deck.
◈ Ask him to shuffle the decks separately. Take the decks in your hand and go through it.
◈ You can easily find out the cards as they have different color from rest of the cards that surround them.

Trick 3: Vanishing Card

◈ Show your friend a deck of cards present in its case. Remove the deck from the case leaving a card in it.
◈ Memorize its suit and number before placing in the deck.
◈ Ask your friend to remove five cards from the deck and place them facing downwards on a flat surface.
◈ Pick the card individually, call out their name and ask him to note down without showing the card to him.
◈ Along with the four cards call out the name of the card left out in the case instead of the fifth card.
◈ Now place all the cards in the deck and shuffle the cards.
◈ Hand over the deck to your friend and ask him to go through it. He will found that one card is missing.
◈ Tell him that the card has vanished from the deck and gone back to the case and show him the case. He will find the missing card there.

Trick 4: Cutting to Aces

◈ Remove the four aces from the deck secretly and place them on the top of the deck.
◈ Ask your friend to divide the deck into four equal piles by dropping cards off the bottom of the deck.
◈ Keep a watch on the pile that has four aces. It may either on the left side or on the right side.
◈ Ask your friend to pick a non-ace pile and hold it in his hand. Ask him to take 3 cards from the top and place it at the bottom.
◈ Then ask him to take 3 cards from the top and place them individually on the top of each pile.
◈ Ask him to repeat the procedure for next 2 non-ace piles. Lastly ask him to carry out the same procedure for the pile that has aces.
◈ Finally ask him to turn over the top card from each pile, which will surely be the four aces.

Try them out and see the look of amazement on everyone's faces! ALL THE BEST!