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Wicked Email Pranks

Ratnashri Dutta Nov 20, 2018
Are you bored of playing the same old tricks on friends again and again. Why not try the email pranks, which are fun and exciting and at the same time a wee bit scary. Here are some email pranks that can be tried out on one's friends, in order to liven up a boring situation.
If one feels that the atmosphere in the office has become too boring and that it needs some livening up, or if one wants to just scare a friend, or maybe take revenge on a rival in a harmless manner, then, one can do so with the help of some pranks. Here are some prank ideas that one can try out. Just make sure that the prank does not hurt anyone's feelings.

Funny Prank Ideas

There are several computer pranks or pranks on the internet which would keep one busy for the entire day. Just pick up a target, inform other friends about the great prank (if you think that you need them), and then casually carry out the joke.

Prank #1

One can send an e-mail asking to click on a particular button to get a photo clicked online. Once the targeted friend clicks on the button, there would be a flash of light and slowly the picture would start appearing on the screen.
First the forehead, then the eyes, and then the entire face, which would actually be that of a monkey. This would not only fool the targeted friend but also leave him/her amazed for a moment.

Prank #2

One can send the targeted friend a false email or a prank email saying that he/she has received an award in a lucky draw contest. Mention that he/she have to be present on one particular day to collect the prize.
On the mentioned day, when he/she arrives at the fixed place, there would actually be nothing and one can perhaps jump out and scream "April Fool!". The look on his/her face would be worth watching (P.S. we are not responsible for the aftermath of this prank as it would depend on how the targeted friend reacts to it).

Prank #3

Create a fake account and send the targeted friend a friendship request on some social networking site. If they belong to the opposite gender it is even more funnier. Or if it's of same gender, then maybe you can pose like a guy if the targeted person is a girl and vice versa.
Flirt with him/her and then ask them to meet you one day, on a blind date. Ask them to wear something ridiculous and finally when he/she reaches that spot dressed ridiculously, click a picture, and share the fun with other friends.

Prank #4

If the targeted friend is scared of haunted stories, then just before bedtime, send them a mail about scary stories. Let these emails be anonymous. The next day, listen to the tales of horror as to how he/she could not sleep because of fear.

Prank #5

In the cases of revenge on a person, one can do so with the revenge pranks. One can send his/her enemies an anonymous email that one is from the cyber crime department that they have been accused of spamming. Let them worry more by saying to meet some real difficult formalities and make them run around a bit, until one is fully satisfied.
The aforementioned pranks, when tried, may lighten up a boring environment, scare a friend, or help get back at someone. However, one should make sure that the targeted person or friend does not get hurt by the pranks and does not suffer any loss. These pranks when played in a harmless manner are great fun.