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Foosball Tips for Beginners to Ace the Game Like a Pro

Ankana Dey Choudhury Mar 12, 2019
All stumped by the speed and vigor involved in a foosball game? Well, you too can begin to play foosball like a champ with the following tricks. Learn and incorporate these tips for beginners and become a pro rather soon!
Remember foosball? The table with miniature players attached to it that became the center of Joey and Chandler's existence for sometime in F.R.I.E.N.D.S? And then Monica beating the two of them hands down? Foosball was indeed a rather integral part of the lives of almost all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters, especially that of Joey and Chandler.
Even though they allowed Monica to hack it down in the last episode, in order to save the innocent lives of chick and duck―Joey's pets who had unknowingly trod into the interiors of the table―one could see how crestfallen they were to let go of it.
Believe us, it's not that difficult to play foosball, as it might seem initially. All you need is a little bit of practice and tactful incorporation of the following tips and tricks.

Foosball Tips for Beginners

Harold Searles Thorton was the first gentlemen to have conceptualized and presented foosball to the world circa 1922 as it is known today. Before that, however, certain games did exist resemblant of the present day table football.
As a player you have to continuously think about using all your 13 player figurines to score 5 goals and prevent your opponent from scoring any. Now, in order to tactically maneuver the ball, you will have to incessantly tackle 4 separate rods to which the figurines are attached.
Also, note that the foosball table dimensions may vary. But that will not in any way influence the general course of the game. So, how do you master foosball?
☛ First of all, drill it into your head that you mustn't roll or spin your rods at all. It is the first give away to your being a complete novitiate in the game. Not only do your shots become rather foreseeable and not very difficult to limit but also keeps you from blocking any of your opponent's shots.
So, instead you must focus all your strength in your wrists and use only your wrists to flick the ball, after you have a firm grip on the handle of the rods. This will add that extra intensity to your shot that will be quite difficult to curb it in its course.
☛ Gradually, you will be able to aim your shots better as your wrist flicks become more steadfast. See to it that your body is a tad away from the board and slightly to the left of the rod you're handling. Also as you flick, your wrist must swirl from facing a side to facing the ground.
As your wrist faces the floor, you shall see that any further movement of it is suddenly curbed and thus the culminated momentum results in a stronger and steadier shot.
☛ Do not bang on the side of the table with your rod, as it will make it difficult for you to pull it out again and move the figurines, and it is that second's advantage that your opponent will use to infiltrate and meander through a gap and score. Also, make it a point not to leave gaps open for more than 2 to 3 seconds.
☛ Always keep your players slightly inclined. While the midfield players and the goalie must be kept inclined away from your opponent's goal, i.e. their heads must tilt towards your goal, for a better chance at blocking shots, keep the attackers and defenders inclined the opposite way so that you not only block but also keep the ball with you when you block.
☛ In order for your goalkeeper to be able to cover a wider area, keep him placed only about the ball's breadth to the side.

☛ You can block a ball suddenly moving a player up into the air and then suddenly bringing him down so that the bottom of his feet stops the moving ball by pinning it down.
Obviously, all these moves are easier said than done, so you will have to practice patiently before understanding what really works for you. Practice the wrist flicking particularly well, as foosball rules do not allow spinning the rods at all.
You are bound to make a few mistakes in the beginning, but as your hands become more fluid and you know the ways to intercept and pass the ball in your favor, you will certainly get a better grip on the game, literally!