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Friendship Games for Girls

Neha Joshi Feb 28, 2019
There are many interesting friendship games for girls, that you are sure to like. These friendship games can be played just for fun, or at a party too. If you are a group of girls, committed to your friendship of years, these games will surely interest you!
You have planned a stay over at your best friend's on the coming weekend, and are really looking forward to it. You and your 4 best friends, at one girl's home, without parents and without restrictions. Sounds fun? The 5 of you have been planning this night since months and here it is, finally your chance to let your hair loose and have some crazy fun!
You'll have decided the movies you'll want to watch, the food that you want to order and the gossip that needs some more discussion. The only thing remaining, are some games. You know loads and loads of friendship games, but when the time comes, we don't seem to remember even one.
It was decided that you would find some slumber party games and now you aren't ready with a single one. You take a blank piece of paper and start writing...

Interesting Friendship Games for Girls

Box Full of Memories

What has got the five of you so close? Undoubtedly the experiences you'll have had together, isn't it? These experiences are fond memories you'll cherish. Though this isn't a game where you'll compete, this game can be played together with some really nice emotions involved. Each one of you has to take a piece of paper and a pen.
Go to different parts of the house and write down the most special memories you've had with each other. Take time and write down what you really feel about each other! After half an hour, come back to the room and put these papers in a box.
At the same time, put in one accessory that you are wearing. It can be something that belongs to you. Once everything is inside the box, wrap it up as much as possible. Pass this box between the five of you, each keeping it for 2 months. Open it exactly after each one of you has completed 3 rounds of keeping it. This box will itself be a special memory!

Who Knows Better?

Now we come down to a game that actually involves competing with each other. This is surely one of the best games to play with friends and family. Right down a list of 20 questions and four columns in front of each question. The questions should be framed in such a way that the answers would tell you something about your friends.
For example, you can ask questions such as 'What's her favorite color?' or 'what is her mother's maiden name?'. The four columns in front of the questions should be dedicated to each one of your friends. The others will exclude their name and write down the rest. You get the time of 10 minutes in which you have to answer all these questions.
Each question, you will write down your personal answer to that question. At the end of 10 minutes, you will check each other's sheets and give one mark per correct answer. The person with the maximum points gets a treat, from all of you! This game also shows who knows more about friends.

Something Good, Something Bad

This is my personal favorite amongst all the friendship games for girls. Sit together and pledge that you will play this game with the right spirit. Select one person who will start the game. You can randomly decide who has to start or you can resort to the good old 'majority wins' method.
The person, who starts the game, will tell one good quality in the person sitting on her right and one bad. The one who states the qualities also has to give reasoning for it. The person about whom it is said, will agree or disagree to what is being said either in a 'yes' or with a 'no'.
You will play this game for four rounds and at the end of it you will know what you need to improve on, as a person. Your friends know you the best, so they can tell you the most appropriate answers for everything. Though no one wins this game as such, you all know more about yourselves than you did before.

Let the Pictures Talk

This is one of the best games I have ever come across and needless to say, it was my very own creation. There is only one drawback to this game and that is, you can't play this during a stay over. If you want to, you will have to start preparing at least a week in advance. Each one of you has to make a collage of all the pictures that you have of each other.
You are allowed to take pictures in the one week given to you. Also, there is no limit on the number of pictures you take. The sizes of all the collages have to be exactly the same. Each collage has to completely fill a blank page. There will be a limit on the minimum number of pictures that you take.
The night of the stay over, you can show each other what you have prepared and combine these collages to make a scrapbook. Each one of you has to vote for a winner by writing the name down on a chit. The winner gets to keep the scrapbook! Wonderful, isn't it?!

One Truth, One Lie

Each of you has to take a blank paper sheet. Individually, you have to write down, one truth and one lie about yourself. For example, you will write,
1. My father has had an accident when he was in school and 2. My pet name is Sandy.
This is one combination of truth and lie. You will write down 25 such combinations. On the top of the sheet write your name.
Fold the paper in half and keep it on a table. One person will go to the table with her eyes closed and collect the sheet she touches first. She can exchange it only if she has picked up her own sheet. This procedure will be followed by everyone. Every truth and lie will have half a point each. The person with the maximum number of points wins the game.
These were some interesting and unique friendship games for girls, which can be played anytime, anywhere. These party games will not only help in increasing the friendship between all of you but will always lead to the creation of some more fond memories.
Next time you have a sleep over, or a party, planned at your place, you don't have to go hunting for games. These games will help you spend some great time with your friends as well. Hope, you have the best stay over of your lives. Have Fun!