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Indoor And Outdoor Fun Activities for Kids

Shashank Nakate Mar 12, 2019
Here are some fun activities for kids which can be conducted both indoors and outdoors. Children can enjoy and also learn from them.
The different activities that kids can take part in should help in promoting their overall development. These include craft activities, drawing, coloring, etc., which can be done at home.
There are also many outdoor activities from which they can learn as well as enjoy. Moreover, they provide the children with a good amount of exercise. It is necessary so as to maintain the overall health and freshness in their day-to-day routine.
The activities that are given here are meant for both indoor and outdoor environment. The indoor ones are aimed at development of skills and in exploring the creativity that the children possess. While the outdoor ones would help maintain their fitness levels.

Outdoor Activities

These should help build up the enthusiasm and generate the attitude necessary for enjoying life as a whole.

Rope Jump

The rope jump can be enjoyed when in a large group. Coordination among players while jumping is also very important. One should start with swinging the rope at a slow pace in the beginning; it is also important to keep it lower.

Nature Walks

Taking them for nature walks is one of the best ideas. Parents can teach them about plants, animals, insects, etc. It would help develop an interest among children about the different aspects and elements of nature.


This can be enjoyed by children from all the age groups. A big group is needed for such activities. This group has to be divided in two teams. Both the teams have to test each others' physical strength by tugging at the rope.

Indoor Activities

Here are few easy to perform and fun activities for home, which might prove beneficial in their skill development.


Making collages is fun and a nice indoor activity for children. The required materials can easily be found at home. Cuttings can be obtained from old magazines which can be glued on a construction paper to create theme-based artworks.

Memory Drawing

Memory drawing involves sketching and painting on any topic of their choice. It allows the children to express different ideas with the help of memories. The subject for these drawings therefore, originate from the happenings of day-to-day life.

Shadow Boxes

Making a shadow box allows the children to exhibit their creativity. It is basically an artwork used to depict a particular scene.
A cardboard box is generally used as a construction base for decoration. The elements used for decoration are placed in this cardboard box. A black construction paper should be used for the background in shadow box creation.

Indoor Picnic

This will be fun for children. One should recreate a setting at home, similar to an outing venue or picnic spot. Parents will have to work harder than the kids to make arrangements. Food like sandwiches, juice, etc. shall serve the purpose.
All the aforementioned activities would help children in developing their skills and enjoying their leisure time. Moreover, it is not just the indoor activities that one should focus on, the outdoor ones also are a lot important for the overall growth and development of the child.