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Fun Activities to Do with Friends

Rohini Mohan Feb 15, 2019
You need not spend your precious free time sitting at home all day. Why not try out some fun activities to do with friends and you'd be surprised how much you'll enjoy yourself!
You can have all the fun in the world with your friends. You can do the usual things that you've been doing since you can remember or you can try new crazier things. The ideas enlisted here are really funny, safe, and well, some are totally bonkers!
You and your friends are sure to have a great time trying them out. And, who knows, you may actually get to learn a few new things about your neighborhood and its people. Summer and winter vacations are all about having fun, so go out and do just that. Of course, you may tone these ideas down a bit if you like.

Free Fun Activities to Do with Friends

✦ Go for a summer camp with your friends.

✦ Try to watch the TV when it's off

✦ Watch the entire season of 'How I Met Your Mother' or any other series in one go.

✦ Enter your sister or brother's room and mess up the place. However, do not destroy anything which is precious to them.

✦ If not, call all your closest friends and enjoy lazing around in the pool.
✦ Cook something in the middle of the night and watch how your parents react when they see the kitchen looking like a dumpster in the morning!

✦ Tickle a friend or family member's nose with a twig.

✦ Apply makeup or paint a mustache on a sleeping victim.

✦ Spread talcum powder all over the floor, wear nice thick socks, and skid around the entire room.
✦ If you do not have a real swimming pool, get a makeshift kids' pool and place it under your tree house or a short ladder. Jump into the pool one at a time.
✦ Make a slant using wooden planks and try skateboarding on it.
✦ Carry your friends on a trolley as fast as you can.

✦ Climb on a tire that has been tied to a rope from a tree or to a hoop on the ceiling. Make a friend rotate the rope so as to make it wind as fast as it possibly can. Now, let them go off the rope and feel yourself spinning out of control for a while.

Hilarious Things to Try Just for Fun

✦ Make prank calls to people by pretending that you are speaking to a long-lost friend.

✦ Greet the postman or any other delivery man by running behind them along with your dog and all your friends, while all of you scream at the top of your lungs!

✦ Make funny digital collages and tag them.
✦ Play football or basketball in your backyard.
✦ Play with water balloons or paint bombs and smash them on each other.

✦ Play with toy guns and swords from 'Star Wars'.

✦ Make a secret language and have a conversation with someone who does not understand you.
✦ Make a reservation at a local cafe where reservations are not needed.

✦ Talk to a complete stranger and laugh at their face by saying some really stupid things about yourself to them.

✦ Order for a soup in a coffee shop!

✦ Get your ice tea exchanged after you have put a dead fly into it.
✦ Try a synchronized dance with your friends in the middle of a public garden.

✦ Wear a placard on your neck stating 'Give and Get a Hug for World Peace', and see how many people jeer at you or how many actually hug you. Do not approach creepy people please!
✦ Take your bongo, guitar, or any other musical instrument and perform live in public. Have all your friends singing and dancing to the music.
✦ Dress up as elves and Santa Claus, and sing Christmas carols in summer. Add a charity bowl as well!

✦ Dress up as a bum and see how people treat you. This may not end up being fun but at least you'll know how these people are neglected.
✦ Go on an all city ride by switching buses without caring about the destination.

✦ Go trick-or-treating in off-season. Remember to dress up for the event.

✦ Have a garage audition for a rock band that you do not really plan on forming.
These were just a few fun activities to do along with friends when you all are bored. You can of course try doing more adventurous and outdoor activities such as camping, road trips, trekking, or simply going out for shopping.
Just promise yourself to have fun every single day because that will keep you happy and healthy. While you're busy having fun, try making others around you laugh along with you!