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Fun Ideas for Fundraising

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Oct 8, 2018
Fundraisers are often events or campaigns organized to raise money for some good cause. A fundraiser can be organized by a person or a company depending upon the purpose. Here are some ideas regarding this subject.
Funds are extremely important for an organization. Planning a fundraiser is always a tedious work. For gathering so many people, and sending your message across to them, you would also need volunteers if you want to plan a big event.

Ideas for High School

Candy Sale

Most of the people have a sweet tooth. Hence, bring out your grandma's homemade candy, and start selling them.
If buying from local stores, decide the type of candy you would like to sell and buy it in bulk. Ask for a discount and tell that it's for a school fundraiser.
Buy the proper amount of boxes required, and distribute them among the volunteers. Sell the candy to your neighbors, family members, students, etc. Distribute the investments, and you can give the rest of the money to the school.

Yard Sale

Try to have a big garage or yard sale. Spread the word out to your friends and neighbors. You'll probably end up cleaning a lot of waste from yours, as well as the neighbor's house.
Pick a weekend for this activity, as most of the people would be at home and can attend it. Set up tables and chairs in the school parking. Distribute pamphlets all around your neighborhood and in school.

Pet Sale

With the planning of a garage sale, send some of the volunteers to local animal shelters. Inform the animal shelters about your activity; explain to them the idea of selling these animals in a fundraiser. Work out your share of profit with them in advance.
Invite a staff member so that he can be present at the sale, and explain people about the animal adoption process. This type of fundraiser would benefit the school and the animal shelters in a huge way, by providing these animals, a much-needed home.

Ideas for Kids

These activities are always helpful for kids in the long run. With these projects, they learn to work as a team, to be a leader, and the most important thing is that they understand the value of money.

Popcorn Fundraiser

Purchase some cases of popcorn. Each case has 6 packs that contain 3 bags of popcorn. This fundraiser would be a great success at a school event or a school game.

Walk your Pet

Make a small group of your friends in school. Go and knock on every door, which is in your neighborhood, and ask them if you can take their pet for a walk. Most people so busy that they hardly get time to interact with their pets.
You can charge a minimum amount from these owners. Understand the instructions about the pet from its owner, and have a fun time with them.

Lemonade Selling Ideas

This is the oldest and most common fundraiser of all. It's been in the fundraiser list for decades. Always arrange for this activity in the summer seasons, and it will become an instant success if sold at the right time.

Flower Sale

This activity requires supervision from parents, and is an excellent idea for a fundraiser, provided the parents take out some time, and help their kids in organizing it.
Contact a local nursery, buy flower plants in bulk, and ask them for a discount. Divide the kids in groups, and knock on every door in the neighborhood. Rather than going to a nursery, people would prefer to buy plants that come to their door step.

Ideas for College Students

Dance On

Permission of college is essential for the some activities. Introduce a freestyle dance competition, build a stage in your campus and send invitations to different colleges. Also, invite people from your neighborhood and set up registration and entry fees.


Wristbands designs regarding awareness are a fantastic fashion statement. Buy them online, or from a store in bulk, and avail the discount. Select the specific colors and messages to be embedded in these bands.

Bake Sale Goods

Select volunteers from your group who can use an oven, or who know how to cook baked goods. Bake different types of cakes, cookies, and sell them off at your desired rates.

Clothing Sale

Take out your good clean clothes, bed sheets, carpets, and mattresses, which you don't use often, and sell them at your fundraiser. Donate 50% of your earnings to underprivileged children, or to your college fund.