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Fun Games for Small Groups

Fun Games for Small Groups

Have fun with your group, by planning the below suggested interesting games. Read on to know some of the best group games for all - kids, teens and adults...
Aastha Dogra
Games are a fun way to pass time. They are also a great means to break the ice amongst a group of people who do not know each other that well. Whether it is kids, teens or adults, everyone likes to participate in games and activities, provided they are interesting and fun! Let's check out these fun games for small groups.

Games for Kids

If the kids do not know each other that well, then this game will serve as the perfect icebreaker. Simply ask the children to line themselves up, in accordance to what you instruct. So, if you say "month of birth", the children have to make a line, starting with those who were born in January, followed by the February-born, March-born and so on. If you say "height-wise", the kids have to make a line from the shortest to the tallest. Similarly, you can think of some other things and ask the children to arrange themselves. By doing this, the kids will get to interact and at the same time, know a lot of things about one another.

This is an interesting indoor game. To play this game, you would need a music system and some good dance music. Choose one of the kids as "It" and instruct the rest that when the music starts, they have to dance and as soon as the music stops, they have to stop dancing too. They have to remain "frozen" in the same position. They can not move or talk or show their teeth. Now, the "It" has to come forward and without touching any of the kids, by doing some funny actions and moves, he has to make the other kids "unfreeze". The kid who laughs or moves or shows his teeth first becomes the new "It" and the game is repeated all over again!

Youth Group Games

To play this game, divide the group into pairs. Next, give them ten minutes each to know as much as they can about one another. After the stipulated time, the pairs have to come forward and give a presentation to the others on each other as well as why their pair is the best. This fun activity will help the group to know the qualities, strengths and some personal things about all the members.

One Minute!
This is a fun party game for small groups. Simply call two persons at a time from the group and ask them to compete against one another in one minute contests. The contests can be something like - the maximum number of balloons one can inflate in a minute, the number of pastries one can eat in a minute, the amount of water one can drink in a minute, the number of earrings one can collect in a minute from amongst the invitees, etc. You can even plan one minute quizzes on films, actor/actresses, latest numbers, rock bands or any other topic that interests the youth. Do not forget to give away prizes to the winners! Such games, where the youngsters get to compete against one another, can turn out to be quite a fun riot!

Group Games for Adults

True or False!
To play this icebreaker game, call one person at a time. This person has to make two statements about himself, one of which is false and the other one is true. So, a person can say something like, "I can speak five languages" or "I can play guitar" or "I grew up in Italy". The others have to judge which statements are true and which are false. Such activities are a great way for people to know some interesting things about one another.

Make It!
This game can be played with adults at a party or in an office as well. Give the group some old magazines, newspapers, chart paper, markers and painting colors. Next, if it's a birthday party, ask them to make a collage for the birthday boy/girl. For an office activity, ask them to make a collage on the organization, the things employees have learned while working, or any achievements or successes that they have been a part of. This creative activity will surely be enjoyed by all the adults.

When conducting games, see to it that everyone participates. Do not plan such games, which require just one or two people to perform. If you keep this in mind, each and every member will have the time of his life, playing these fun games!