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Fun Games to Play in the Car

Arjun Kulkarni Apr 21, 2019
The downside of going to a faraway place for a picnic is that the car drive might become boring for all. So, here are some fun games to play in the car to make the journey fun.
Are you going for a picnic with your friends to a place that requires a bit of driving? Now, it is going to be a little unfair if one of you is stuck with the responsibility of driving the whole way, while the rest enjoy a nice nap. However, it's just a car drive.
What can you possibly do to make it enjoyable? Well, there are several options. There is a lot more you can do to make the car ride more fun, than just sleeping. Check out the options mentioned here, and see how the car ride becomes so much fun!

Board Games

Here are some top board games to play in the car. Let's just hope that you're not on a road that is too bumpy.
Chess: Played all over the world, chess is a game that has defied time and generations, and has remained one of the most popular games among the young and the old.
An intriguing game of war, it can be played by only two people at a time. However, that doesn't mean watching it isn't fun. A game of speed chess is exciting for everyone in the car.
Scrabble: The point of this game is to make big, high-scoring words. This game can be played by as many people as you can fit in a car.
Snakes and Ladders: Being another immortal game, it is delightfully multi-player, so no one gets left out. The point of the game is to reach the final square on the board. Of course, your winning may be assisted or impeded by the ladders and snakes respectively.

Top Card Games

Poker: This is perhaps the most popular card game in the world. It will be a good warm up for you and your friends if you are heading for Las Vegas. It is a typical game of deception and luck. You can play it in the Texas Hold 'em version too! Poker is more fun when played with 3 or more people.
Blackjack: This is another game that will bring Las Vegas into your car. Blackjack is a simple game, and doesn't have the problem of cards flying around.
Uno: Not exactly the conventional card game, this one requires its own set of cards. It is popular among those who play it and are well-acquainted to the rules. In case you aren't well-acquainted to this game, it is really easy to learn too.
For those who know, you can also entertain your friends with card magic tricks.

Other Games

Dumb Charades: This is another game which has defied time. The good thing is that it requires practically no apparatus, of course apart from the players. One team gives the name of a movie to one player of the other team. The other team is supposed to guess it, based solely on the actions.
Name-Place-Animal-Thing: This game is considered widely as a kids game, but is really fun. What you need is a paper and pen. One player announces a letter, and you have to write a name, a place, an animal, and a thing, starting with that letter. 10 points are awarded for unique names, while 5 points are awarded for those that match with another player's.
PSP (PlayStation Portable) Games: For the uninventive, there are a plethora of games that Sony has made available with its PSPs. Many players can connect themselves and play.
You can even invent your own games. Explore many such ideas, and the car rides shall suddenly become more fun.