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Fun Games to Play on a Trampoline

Puja Lalwani Feb 17, 2019
A device that you think only lets you jump up and down also allows you to enjoy a lot of games on it, making it entirely more exciting. Here are some really fun games to enjoy on a trampoline !
Playing on the trampoline is always fun, and with the number of tricks that can be performed on it, it just becomes more adventurous for the little ones as well as the adults. It is very easy for kids to develop a new game on the trampoline simply while jumping up and down.
Yet sometimes, the jumping up and down can become monotonous, and they end up looking for new things to do on this versatile device. Games can end this boredom and monotony, and some of these games that can do so have been mentioned here.

Tricks of the Trade

Performing certain tricks on the trampoline is a great idea, and these include a somersault, the air split, and a backflip.
Of course, this is a better idea for kids and adults who are a little flexible and have experience doing these tricks otherwise. Having a competition about whose trick was the best can be one game that can be thoroughly enjoyed. Even measuring the height at which one can jump can be tried out in this great game.

Make it Up as You Go

This is a great game as long as it is played by a large group of people.
One person goes up on the trampoline and performs her/his signature trick or any other trick she/he likes. The next in line goes up and not only performs the trick performed by the first kid, but also does a trick of her/his own. The third kid does both the tricks and then does her/his own trick. This continues until all the kids have done with their tricks.
Anyone unable to do the tricks can be given two more chances before they are eliminated. To reduce the intensity of competition, encourage children to perform simple tricks in this game.

While You Were Jumping

An extremely fun game for three kids or more, this one first involves choosing one kid who will keep jumping on the trampoline.
While the kid jumps, the other kids will pass a ball below her/his feet. If the ball touches the feet of the jumper, she/he gets into the team of passers and the kid who was passing the ball while it hits the jumper's feet goes up to jump.
This game is a lot of fun as the players try to avoid hitting the jumper with the ball. However, do remember that the aim of the game is not to make the jumper purposely have the ball hit her/his feet. If it happens in the course of the game, then the players are switched.

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb is a great game to play on a large trampoline with lots of kids. One or two kids are chosen to sit in the center in a crouched position, while holding their knees. Other kids have to keep jumping up and down and try to make these kids sitting in the center leave their positions and open up.
It is highly challenging to sit that way for a long time, and even more challenging to get someone to get out of that position. Watch kids giggle and burst out in laughter will making all sorts of attempts to change the players' positions.
In the course of these games, you will find a lot of variations of these games have been created and that kids enjoy. Remember that adult supervision is very important when kids are enjoying these games.
Do not leave kids alone in the process of playing these games, and once again, ensure that you encourage them to practice safety while trying to have some fun on the trampoline. Enjoy!
Important: Proper safety must be maintained, irrespective of the fact that kids or adults are playing on a trampoline.