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Fun Games to Play Outside

Shashank Nakate Sep 29, 2018
A list of fun games to play outside is given next with their description. One can use these to play when bored and enjoy their weekend and holiday.
Outdoor games are necessary for children to exercise their natural instincts and the different skills they possess in a carefree and fun-filled manner. There are many fun games kids can play outside which they can enjoy during their holidays.
Outdoor games allow the children to play in the fresh air and have a positive impact on their health. Kids that are physically active tend to be happier than others and take interest in the daily/routine activities and studies. Parents should encourage their children to spend time outdoors.

Tug of War

It can be played with as many players as possible in both the teams. In fact, more the number of players, more interesting the game is. The game is very simple. The opponent teams try to pull each other into their territory using a rope.


It is a game played with a gun called a "paintball marker" with paintballs loaded in it. The paintballs are actually pellets of paint which are shot at opponents in order to capture them. This game is generally played at night and requires goggles for protecting the eyes.
It is played outdoors, as it requires plenty of room for players to move around as well as hide. The game can be played one-on-one as well as in teams. All players of the opponent team need to be captured for winning.

Name that Constellation

This fun game can be played outside at nights when there is a clear sky. To play this, one would require a sleeping bag, torch, and a blanket. In this fun game, one has to shout out the name of a constellation which he/she finds out from among the stars.
The person who shouts out names of the highest number of correct constellations wins. Once the game is over, children can create their own constellations just for fun. The night out of such a kind can be enjoyed by incorporating different ideas in the original theme of the game.

Swing the Statue

It is a nice outdoor game played by children from the 50's decade. In this game, one person is chosen as the it. The it holds the hands of other players and swings them in circles one by one. As the it lets go the other players after swinging, they must freeze in a position.
The players have to remain still in this position until one of them breaks it. The player who first breaks the freeze position becomes the next it. The interesting thing about this game is that players attain strange positions and the effort they put in holding them makes it entertaining to watch.


It requires at least six players to play the game of shadowing. In this, a team is given the objective to find the it  player. The it  gets an additional time of 2 minutes to start early in order to evade the seekers. Two of the seekers looking for the it  player start searching for him after 2 minutes.
After searching for 2 more minutes, one of the player returns to the rest of the group in order to take them along in the pursuit. The first seeker who is searching the it guides his team by creating a trail of corns, pebbles, etc. The team wins if they are is able to find the it in the specified time limit allotted to them.

Capture the Flag

It is an interesting game commonly played by scout boys. In this, players are divided in two teams. The objective of the game is to capture the flag of the other team from their territory. When a player from either of the team enters other team's territory, he could be caught by the opponents and put in the jail.
The jail could just be a corner where the captured player has to wait. The game should end with one of the teams capturing the flag of their opponent team. However, if neither of the teams is able to capture the flag, the team which has jailed the maximum number of opponents is declared the winner.
There are many fun games to play outside which could be incorporated in the daily schedule of kids. Some of these can also be played parties that are conducted outdoors. These games prove to be useful in making the kids more active and energetic.