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Fun Icebreaker Games to Get Comfortable in Everybody's Company

Fun Icebreaker Games
The following article lists five fun icebreaker games for kids, adults, small groups, and large groups. Read on and take your pick to make the occasion a lot more fun, by getting everyone to know each other better.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Whether it's an office meeting, party, youth camp, or even a family reunion, there are times when people are hesitant to talk and open up to the others present. In such a scenario, if you want to encourage mingling of people so that they are comfortable in each other's company, a good idea is to plan some interesting icebreaker activities for them. These activities provide an opportunity to the participants to know one another well and to enjoy each others company.
I Am your Man!
Divide the group into pairs of two. Next, give each pair ten minutes in which they can talk and know as much as they can about one another. After ten minutes, the pairs have to come one by one and give a speech about each other, telling others in the group about their partner's family, childhood, hobbies, likings, disliking, etc. This game is the perfect way to discover some unknown things and secrets about the others in the group.
Guess Who?
You need to prepare some tags with names of famous personalities on them. Next, stick these tags randomly on the foreheads of all the participants. The participants are nor allowed to talk among themselves, neither can they see the tags on their foreheads. Now, one by one each of them has to come in front and ask some questions from the others, which the others can only reply with a yes or no, to guess the personality name on their forehead. They can ask questions like "am I a man?" "am I middle aged", etc. This activity provides ample opportunity to each of the participants to interact with the other members of the group.
Stand in Line!
To play this game, you will give the group titles like "birth month", "height - short to tall", "height - tall to short", etc., and the group has to make a line accordingly. For example, if you give "birth month", the line will start with the January-born, followed by February-born and so on. It can lead to some really hilarious situations, especially in large groups wherein people will be trying to figure out where to fit in. Some other titles that you can give are "birth years" and "dates of birth". Also, if the group is very large, say more than hundred, you can divide it into smaller groups and give a prize to the group who finishes making the line first.
Hush Hush!
Children enjoy participating in silly activities. Games such as "Chinese Whispers" might seem silly by adult's standards, but are sure to make the kids enjoy to the core. For this, make the kids sit in a circle. Next, whisper one long sentence in the ears of one of the children, which he has to in turn whisper into the ear of the child sitting next to him and so on. The sentence is passed from one child to another in a whisper, till it reaches the last child, who now has to say the sentence aloud. The fun part about this is that one or more of the kids is certain to goof-up, thus twisting the sentence completely by the time it reaches the last child. You can identify the "mistake-maker" by asking each and every child to repeat the sentence, starting from the last kid. In the end, when the "mistake-maker" is identified, he has to introduce himself and tell something to the group about himself, which they do not know.
Answer Me!
This game can be included as an icebreaker in parties, offices, youth camps, in small groups, large groups, in short, everywhere. It involves asking some funny questions from all the participants. So whether you are looking for a fun activity for girls, boys, or adults, this can be an enjoyable experience for every one. All you have to do is to make a list of some funny questions and then ask them randomly to the group of participants. Questions can be something like, "If given a chance to date one person in the group, who would you choose?", "Tell us your most embarrassing moment in life", "What is the craziest thing you have ever done?". You can even ask general questions to the entire group like, "who has been to at least five foreign countries?" or "Who has flown an airplane?" Or "Who has more than three siblings?", etc.
So, the next time you have a get-together, plan and organize a few of these to spice it up!
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