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Fun Indoor Games for Groups

Mukta Gaikwad Sep 29, 2018
Indoor games are fun when there is a group and everyone is around. Be it cousins, colleagues or friends, jump on the bandwagon of fun and make some incredible memories.
It is that time of the year when your cousins are coming down to spend the vacations. It would be snowing or raining outside, so obviously going out ain't an option. No problem! There are fun indoor party games dime a dozen. Beat the weather with these fabulous games at any social gathering.

Sock Wars

Forget the loony Star Wars. Get ready for the wild and incredible Sock Wars! Everyone should get 3 pairs of socks with their names clearly mentioned on them. Divide the room in half with a rope. Make teams and divide them on either sides. Roll up the socks in baseball shapes and on the count of three begin throwing the socks at the opposing team.
Have a 45 seconds round, which will make them move faster. While on the move, throw in three beach balls which will have double the points. At the end of the first round, the team with minimum socks and maximum beach balls will be declared as the winner! Compliment the winner with a beach hat!

Bob the Builder

This game is far more interesting than the cartoon. You will need 50 paper sheets (white), 10 construction sheets, 30 odd toothpicks, scotch tape, 3 newspaper pages, and 4 wire coat hangers.
This 15-minute game is a great hit among kids. When the whistle blows 'GO', each team will have to build a structure which is a foot tall (or less). The motive is to get the dormant teen minds thinking. Structures like, shoe racks, tables, and desks are easily possible. Once the time's up, the tallest structure wins a helmet like Mr. Bob the Builder!

Toe Jam

A goofy, mushy, and a slimy game, Toe Jam is a sweet treat! It can be played on the carpet, hard floor or on the lawn. Make some jell-O and while setting it, throw in some pennies, Hot Wheels cars, earrings, and dimes. Blow the whistle and let the teams use their toes to pull the tubs of jell-O. The team which get maximum items obviously wins the fortune!

Truth or Dare

This is for the adults. Take an empty bottle and make a circle around it. Spin the bottle and let it stop on its own. The person, towards whom the bottle will point will be given an option of 'Truth' or 'Dare'.
If the person opts for truth, ask a question which will have to be answered truthfully! On the other hand, if he/she opts for a dare, then imagination is your only limit!
To make all your guests comfortable and at ease, try some ice-breakers. Indoor group games help in building bonds with family members or guests. To make them fun and interesting, see to it that there is wholehearted participation by everybody present. Lure people with innovative gifts and prizes, and have a field day playing fun games!