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Fun Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities can lift anyone's spirits, irrespective of whether you are an adult or a child. Here are some of the most entertaining and fun activities that can be done outdoors.
Aastha Dogra Jun 18, 2019
Outdoor activities are a must for everyone today. For adults, they are a source of relaxation, after a week full of office assignments, grocery shopping, and taking care of kids.
For kids, outdoor activities are necessary for the development of their physical, social, and intellectual skills. Given here are some of the most entertaining activities for both kids and adults.

Outdoor Activities for Adults

Night Camping

Want to beat the fast city life blues? Plan a camping trip with your buddies. Carry some food items, coke cans, a few beers, and your camping gear, and you are all set.
Visualize yourself sitting with your friends around a bonfire, chewing on freshly roasted meat, talking, laughing, sharing jokes and stories―indeed it is one of the most fun activities at night.

Adventure Sports

Try adventure sports. Go for river rafting or bungee jumping or mountain climbing, basically anything which challenges you to come out of your comfort zone. Again, these can be done with a group of friends, or even with your family.

Go for a Walk

Go for a romantic walk by the seaside, in the woods, or even in a nearby park. On the other hand, if you are alone and have the whole weekend to yourself, you can go trekking to some nearby hill station.

Watch a Movie

Perhaps the easiest way to have fun is to go for a movie with your friends. Book tickets in advance and check out the movie reviews, if you do not want to end up disappointed!
Though watching a movie is not an outdoor activity, it can get you out of the house in case none of your other plans work out.

Activities for Kids

Bike Riding

Kids can plan a bike ride adventure, by cycling to nearby woods. It can be a lot of fun, cycling on a sunny day, enjoying the sounds and sights of nature.
Do not forget to carry water bottles, fruit juices, and some snacks for your trip. Also, if you have to cross through areas with heavy traffic, be more careful, or have an adult accompany you.

Community Service Scavenger Hunting

Gather all the kids in the neighborhood and divide them into teams. Next, give each of them a list of things they would do to help their neighbors.
It can be anything, right from watering someone's garden, to cleaning someone's porch. The team which completes its tasks first is the winner and is given prizes. This outdoor activity is a fun way to instill values in your children.


You can have kids play some popular games, like musical chairs, freeze on the spot, tug of war, chase, relay races, and water balloon games. Or you can invent some of your own games and have the kids enjoy themselves by participating in them.

Take Field Trips

Plan an educational and entertaining field trip for them. Take the kids to a zoo or a museum or a supermarket and you will have lots of things to teach them.
Participating in these activities freshens up the mind and energizes the body. They are a great pastime, and will also keep your mind and body fit. So, plan such recreations every weekend and you will soon see their positive effects on your work and life.