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Fun Outdoor Games That'll Contribute to Team-building and Unity

Fun Outdoor Games
The article here offers some of the most fun outdoor games for all ages - right from preschoolers to young kids to teens, and adults.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Outdoor games are enjoyed by people of all ages. For kids they are the best means to keep them occupied as well as utilize their extra energy. For adults, they are great stress busters and team building activities.
For Preschoolers
Catch the Ball
Outdoor games for preschoolers should be designed in such a way that they build on their motor skills as well as improve their reaction time. One such game is "catch the ball". If you have a group of preschoolers, make them stand in a circle. Give a ball to one of them and then call out some other child's name. The one with the ball has to throw the ball at the child whose name is called, who in turn has to catch it. This continues till all the children in the group get to "catch the ball".
Races are always a hit with children of all ages as kids have a lot of fun competing with one another. Adding a twist to the regular race can further add to the adventure. You may also plan a group race. Divide the preschoolers into a group of five. Next, have one of the group members lie on a sheet of cloth. The others have to hold each of the corners of this sheet and pull it from the starting line till the finishing line. The group which takes the minimum time in doing so is declared the winner of the race.
For Kids
Hide and Seek
To play this game decide on one kid who will be the "seeker". The "seeker" closes his eyes and counts till twenty, while the other children hide themselves behind swings, trees, vehicles, buildings in the vicinity, etc. After counting twenty, the "seeker" opens his eyes and tries to find the other children. When all the children are found by the "seeker", the one who was found first, becomes the new "seeker" and the game continues as usual.
All Aboard
If you are looking for some team building activities, then this fits the bill perfectly. Make all the children stand in a circle. Next, draw a circle in the middle. As soon as you whistle, the children have to run to this drawn circle and adjust themselves in it. No one is allowed to step out of this circle. Once they do this, they again have to go and stand in their respective places. Now, reduce the area of the drawn circle by drawing another circle in it. When you whistle this time, the kids have to adjust themselves in this reduced area. Likewise, you keep on reducing the area of the circle. As children adjust themselves in the drawn circles, they build physical proximity, sometimes they hold each other with hands or step on one another, to remain in the circle. All this fosters team spirit in them.
For Teenagers
Community Scavenger Hunt
An engaging and educative activity for teenagers is to plan a scavenger hunt for them wherein they are given certain community tasks to do. Divide the teens into groups of five each. Next give them a list of tasks that they have to carry out in the neighborhood such as cleaning someone's backyard, watering someone's garden, doing grocery shopping for any old couple living on their own, etc. Such activities for teenagers help in sensitizing them towards the needs of others.
Web of Hands
A team building game for teens is to have them stand in a circle. Next, ask each one of them to bring forward their right hand and hold any two other people's right hand with it, except for those standing on their immediate sides. Once they are done, instruct them to do the same with their left hands. Now, you will see that a kind of web is formed. The rule is that teens have to disengage themselves from this web, without leaving each other's hands. As the teens work together and come up with strategies to dislodge themselves from this "web of hands", the interaction brings them closer as a group.
For Adults
Tug of War
Divide the adults into two groups. Next, draw a line and instruct the groups to stand on either side. Give them a rope which all the group members in both teams have to hold. As soon as you whistle, both the teams have to pull the opponents towards their side of the line, through the rope. The group which is able to pull the other one to their side is the winner.
Any of the sports, be it football, volley ball, basketball, or dodge ball are the best outdoor team games for adults. Adults enjoy playing such structured sports, at the same time, they contribute immensely to team building.
The games mentioned here are sure to be enjoyed by all. They enhance a group's unity, teach individuals how to strategize, are educative and indeed a great way to pass time!
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