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Fun Outdoor Games for Kids to Keep Them Happy and Satisfied

Aastha Dogra May 10, 2019
Here we suggest some of the most fun outdoor games for kids, that can be played at birthday parties or picnics, and will keep your children entertained and happy.
Participation in physical activities is a must for every child. Outdoor games and activities are not only good for the body, but also for the healthy mental growth of a child.
They are great stress busters, which also contribute immensely to a child's socialization. While participating in outdoor activities, a child learns to compete, interact, and be comfortable in the company of his peers.

Nature Treasure Hunt

The ideal location for this game is the countryside or a picnic spot. To play this game, divide the children into groups of five or more.
Next, give each group papers, pencils, and colors. Give them a list of things that they have to either get or draw on their papers. The list can include items such as a yellow leaf, pink flower, a feather, the heaviest object around, a smooth stone, any specific bird, etc. The group which comes back with all these things the quickest is the winner.

Footwear Fun

This is a fun game that can be played at parties. To play this game, instruct the kids to take off their footwear. Have them make two piles of shoes, with their left footwear in one and the right ones in the other.
Mark a starting line around fifty feet away from these piles, and ask the kids to stand there. Meanwhile, mix the piles of shoes. When you whistle, the kids have to run towards both the piles, find their shoes, wear them and come back to the starting line. The one who reaches the starting line first is the winner.

Blindfolded Race

To play this game, divide the children into pairs and blindfold one person from every pair. Make the blindfolded child stand at a starting line, while the other one stands at a finish line.
As soon as you whistle, the blindfolded kids start walking/running towards the finish line. There are obstacles kept in the path in form of small stones which the blindfolded children cannot step on.
Their partner has to give instructions like 'take a long step', 'go left', or 'go right', every time they come near a stone. If the blindfolded kid steps on any of the stones, he has to start the race all over again. The child you reaches the finish line the fastest, is the winner.

Balloon Burst

Divide the children into two teams. You will need balloons of two different colors for this game. Assign one color to each team. Next, with a ribbon, tie four balloons, two on each arm, of every child.
Two of the balloons should be of his own team color, while two should be of the opposite team. Play some music to which the children dance to. As soon as the music is stopped, the children have to burst balloons tied on other children's hands, at the same time, save their own. The team with the maximum balloons after a minute, wins.
Besides the ones mentioned here, other easy games are hide and seek, Simon says, red light green light, musical chairs, balloon tossing, etc. Through these games, children can learn team work, leadership skills, and sportsmanship.