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Fun Quizzes for Girls

Girija Shinde Apr 21, 2019
Answering funny quizzes is one of the favorite pastime for many of us. If you too are searching for a fun quiz, which is exclusively for girls, read on. Here you will find three really fun quizzes for girls, based on different topics.
During schooldays, guys and girls generally despise those general knowledge quizzes, especially if they carry marks! But as you enter teenage, you suddenly develop interest in quizzes, mainly because of the entertaining quizzes that are available online!
There are quizzes that tell you about your personality, your likes and dislikes and even if the person who you like, likes you too! The following are some interesting and fun quizzes for girls to take. So enjoy these fun quizzes for teen girls and discover your personality!

Fun Personality Quizzes for Girls

Are You a Tomboy or a Girlish?

1. Whom do you get along better with, your girlfriends or your guy friends?
✦ My guy friends
✦ My girlfriends

2. On a normal day, how much makeup do you wear?
✦ Just some lip gloss
✦ Just some mascara, lip gloss and maybe blush
3. Your ideal way to spend the summer is...
✦ Camping
✦ Shopping
4. How are your nails?
✦ Unpolished
✦ Freshly manicured and pretty

5. What would you prefer?
✦ Softball, Badminton, etc.
✦ Soccer, Baseball, etc.
6. If you have been out with a guy, for what?
✦ Yes, on a date on Valentine's day
✦ Yes, to watch a big baseball game at the stadium
7. What do you think of cheerleaders?
✦ I would love to be one
✦ They are so stupid

8. Quick no thinking do you have more pants in your closet or skirts?
✦ Pants and shirts
✦ Skirts
9. Pink Poodle or Jack Russle Terrier?
✦ Pink Poodle!
✦ Jack Russle Terrier

10. If given a choice, what would you like to draw?
✦ A person that is colorless with the world around him alive with color!
✦ Something random like grapes!
If your maximum answers are the first option: You are guys best friend, a complete tomboy! Way to go girl!

If your maximum answers are the second option: You are definitely into the cute pink mushy stuff, a complete girlish girl!

What's Your Style

1. What kind of bag would you like to carry?
✦ Over-sized and fits everything
✦ A small clutch
2. Where would he take you for your ideal date?
✦ Nice dinner and a movie
✦ A professional sporting event

3. What shoes do you prefer?
✦ Tennis
✦ High heels

4. Which of the following best describes your outfit for a night out?
✦ Jeans, fun kicks and a halter top
✦ Form-fitting pencil skirt and a silky top, made with real silk
5. How do you usually wear your hair?
✦ In a headband or barrettes, not too much fuss
✦ Pulled back in a bun or chignon with an elegant clip

6. What type of jewelry expresses your style the best?
✦ Waterproof watch
✦ Beaded bracelets and large hoop earrings
If your maximum answers are the first option: You surely don't care much about the fashion buzz, the things that are comfortable are the ones for you!

If your maximum answers are the second option: You should really be awarded with the title of Miss Fashionista!

Does He Like Me

1. Are you friends with your crush?
✦ I guess he does not know me
✦ He's like my best friend!

2. Have you noticed him staring at you? If so, how does he react when you catch him?
✦ He looks away quickly and pretends to be doing his work
✦ He doesn't ever stare at me
3. Do you know his friends? How do they treat you?
✦ They seem to look at me a lot when they are with him
✦ They have been nicer or talking to me more lately

4. Does he talk to you? If so, who initiates?
✦ We haven't ever talked
✦ He doesn't talk to me, I'm usually the one going up to him
5. How does he act when the two of you are talking?
✦ He acts normal, just like he does to everyone else
✦ He's trying to act normal, but you can see right through it, he's nervous

6. Has he ever teased you?
✦ Yes, all the time, and he's usually really rude about it!
✦ Yes, sometimes. But he's funny! I laugh a lot!
If your maximum answers are the first option: You need to try a bit more hard to make him realize your presence, once he notices you, he will surely be in love with you!

If your maximum answers are the second option: He does have a huge crush on you, but he does not have the courage to admit it!
These were some great quizzes, weren't they? Hope you enjoyed playing them. These fun quizzes for girls are just for fun, so do not get depressed if you do not get the desired results!