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Fun Team Games

Ratnashri Dutta Oct 6, 2018
Looking for some fun team games, something that you can do in groups and enjoy to the fullest? This is the right stuff for you. Have a look...
At a party, it is not always possible that everyone will know all of whom you invite. If people know each other, then the party becomes much more fun and enjoyable.
But if half the group does not know anyone else at the event, and each move separately in a pack all by themselves, talking only to those whom they know, then the gathering will just drag on in a dull manner and will be no fun. What do you think can be the best ice breaker during this time? What else but some good team games that are real fun for everyone.
You need to simply divide your guests into teams, making sure that the teams are made up of people who do not know each other, and then after playing a game or two or some activities, everyone stars bonding together and your party will just rock.
Here are some great games for all ages and occasions, that will help you get the ball rolling at any type of gathering. Take your pick.

Games for Kids

Snake in the Gutter

Form a group of two with the kids; one the snakes and one group as the kids who will cross the gutter. Make the snakes stand in a straight line, facing the other group. There should be wide spaces between each 'snake'.
When everyone is ready, shout 'snake in the gutter' and let the other kids who are not the snakes try and run through the 'snakes in the gutter'. If they cross over without being touched by the snake, well and good, but if they are tagged by the snakes, they have to join them, and try and tag the other kids.

Freeze Tag

This is another fun team building game, which kids will enjoy playing. Have one kid who will run and try to tag the others.
If this kid succeeds in tagging one person, the second person will just freeze and remain like that till some other kid from his team comes and goes through his legs. There will be a lot of running around, so make sure that there is enough space to play. Maybe the outdoors would be ideal.

Games for Adults

Truth and Lie

Divide the group of adults into two or more groups, depending on the number of people present. Then make them sit in a circle and give them a card on which they have to write at least two truths about themselves, and one lie. Collect the cards and shuffle them.
Then pick up each card and read out the truths and the lies, and let the others guess who has written it, and also let them guess which is the lie. This game will help the guests get to know each other well.

The Creator

Make at least two or more teams and give them some imaginary product, say a magical lamp, and ask them to find out funny and exciting ways to advertise the product.
This will need team effort, hence, this is a great team building game. Provide the teams with a time limit, and have a small reward for the team with the best imagination.

Word Game

In this game, after dividing the people into one or two teams, have the leader or the host call out a letter from the English alphabet. Let each team try and form words as quickly as possible. The team which forms the words quickest, scores more.

Games for the Workplace


In this game, collect some slips of paper which mentions the names of maybe movies or songs or names of books. Ask a member from each group to come up and pick a slip, and whatever that person picks up, he or she has to act out for the team, and they in turn have to guess the correct answer.
The person who is acting, of course, cannot talk. The team that guesses first, gets more points, and the team with maximum points, wins.

Capture the Flag

Mark two territories with some sort of a boundary, like some cones or boxes, and then form two teams. Mark their boundaries and give them a flag or a piece of cloth to hide in their own territory. Now let the members of the other team find out the other team's flag in the opponent's territory, but they should not get caught by their opponents.
If they are caught, then the person is to be put in the jail of the opponent's team, and has to stay out of the game unless he or she is released by his/her teammates. The game gets over when the opponent team's flag is found.
These fun games are great to break the ice at parties or social occasions, and initiate team bonding. It is also a great way to build up a team and teach people how to work together in a team.