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Fun Things to Do at Home

Girija Shinde Sep 26, 2018
There are many activities you can do to entertain and delight yourself when you're home alone. Read on to know more about fun things to do at home.
In our hectic schedule, most of us are craving for a one-day holiday. But, by some miracle, if we get a long holiday, we start getting bored on the second day itself. To refresh you up from your state of boredom, here is a list of things to do when bored.

Fun Things To Do When Home Alone

  • Glue some photos on used popsicle sticks and put on a puppet show.
  • Eat a few teaspoons of sweet sugar, soda, and soft drink and you will get a sugar rush that will make you hyperactive. It will give you a high and give you the energy to do things that you haven't thought of before.
  • Put on some makeup and paint your face as much as you like. You can even do your hair in some wild hairstyles or hairdos.
  • Get a bubble blower and make gigantic soap bubbles and then pop them.
  • One fun thing for kids to do at home is to blow bubbles with bubble gum. Blowing bubble gum is difficult, and it takes practice to produce a proper bubble.
  • Get a lollipop and count how many licks it takes to finish it. It depends on how fast you can lick the lollipop.
  • Make a prank call and play a joke on someone. Just call a friend who has a sense of humor and hang up as soon as he/she picks up the phone.
  • Make a funny answering machine message. For example, you can record a message in different voices by imitating the voices of famous people. Your friends will have fun and a good laugh over your mimicry attempts.
  • You can write poems or write lyrics to a song. The poem can be funny and short, and can be about anything.
  • An afternoon nap or a siesta will refreshe your mind and improve your overall alertness.
  • Plan road trip games that will make your summer vacation journey more fun.
  • Solve a puzzle that comes in the newspaper, such as Sudoku, Kakuro, Nonogram, or KenKen. This will work your brain and improve your mathematical and logical reasoning skills.
  • Play card games with your buddies, such as hearts, spades, or euchre. If you want to play an intellectual game, you can even play bridge.
  • Make a list of a hundred things that make you happy. If you get bored doing it, start making a list of hundred things that don't make you happy. When you start getting sad because of those things, you can again switch to happy things!
  • Find bad plastic surgery pictures on the Internet.
  • Do a dance, such as the Macarena or the YMCA.
  • Make fart sounds with your armpit that will bring entertainment for you, and even those around you.
  • Read old comic books such as Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man. You can even read graphic novels, like Watchmen or Sin City.
  • Share what you're doing right now on Twitter.
  • Hold your breath while holding your nose for the longest possible time. Your mouth should be closed and your nose should also be plugged.
  • Play an instrument, such as guitar, keyboard, or drums.
  • Loudly sing the songs that you don't like and find out what irritates you more, your voice or the song.
  • Write a novel or an autobiography.
  • See at what rate your heart is running, and then analyze the reasons for a too slow or too fast heart rate.
  • As a part of fun things for couples to do at home, try telepathy with your girlfriend and see if you can read her thoughts.
  • Check if your star sign is compatible with that of your girlfriend's.
  • Read a magazine.
  • Work out with dumbbells or barbells.
  • Draw a cartoon or make your own animation.
  • As a part of fun things to do at night, download the latest movie trailers of upcoming releases.
  • Download songs of independent rock bands or underground hip-hop artists.
So, now when you have no company and are severely bored, you can go ahead and have some fun, just by yourself.