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Fun Things to Do at Night

Shrinivas Kanade Sep 29, 2018
There are zillion fun things to do at night, either alone or with a bunch of close friends who share your interests and liking. To know more about having a good time without sleeping, read on.
There are times when you want to do something different, to energize and spice up a boring night.The nights are free of the noises that are associated with the activities of daytime, the night kind of shuts out the noises of the world that are at war with you during the day and are trying to drown your inner voice with their volume.


It is hard to fathom what kind of fun a person really has while reading books like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John Le Carry, Winged Victory by Y. B. Yeats, and Pelican In The Sky by Harold Baldwin in the calm of the night.
A witty novel, like War Machine, can make you laugh and split your sides. If you are thinking that I am going to suggest that you should read one these books or authors, then you are on the wrong foot.
One of the real fun things when you are bored is to read scary books. It is my personal experience that it is really a spooky thing to do, especially if you are alone. Stephen King, with his narrative prowess, has scared me out my wits on at least two occasions.


If you are not a bookworm and do not lean on the idiot box for the entertainment; then you can opt for channel surfing and view a scary movie. Otherwise, you can switch on your DVD player and play a horror movie, like The Exorcist, on it.
Computer graphics in the recent horror movies has diluted the horror in them to some extent, so watching some old-school flicks is a better option. Scaring friends is what we often do, however, scaring yourselves with a horror movie is something you can do.


If you are not the type of person to get involved with books or movies on your own, stargazing can be an interesting activity to do on a boring night. You can even call your friends who have a similar interest in stargazing.
The celestial bodies have piqued man's imagination and interest since time immemorial. Looking at these pinpricks of light on the background of the deep blue velvety sky through the binoculars could drive the boredom out of your mind.
Taking a turn at looking at them with your friends and then comparing notes on what each of you have noticed, is something none of you are going to forget easily.

Ham Radio

It is an undeniable fact that we like to gossip and share news. Surfing the Internet is a way of driving the boredom out of your lives, but, you might be tired of this "everyday-activity". So, how about leading a troupe of friends and calling on a buddy who has a ham radio?
It is fun doing minute adjustment to the dials or buttons of the ham radio in search of a conversation. It is lively and you get to talk to the persons maintaining ham radio stations. You get to talk to the people living in the remotest part of the globe and know the things happening in those parts.
The ham radio is a way of collecting the latest and live information. With a flick of tuning dials, you may be talking to a radio operator on a ship searching for tunas in the Pacific ocean, and the next moment you may start a conversation with the radio operator of the boat crossing the English channel.
Listening to a person who is in action, even if it's fishing, can be interesting. Go on surfing the ether in search of people who may interest your group.
There is fun in each and every activity, though whether you are satisfied or not while doing it or at the end of it depends on your involvement in it. A much-hated and time-consuming task of cleaning your room can also be fun if you really set your mind on doing it properly.