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Fun Water Balloon Games

Aparna Jadhav Nov 3, 2018
Playing water balloon games is always exciting anytime of the year. Here is a lists out a few fun games.
If you are having a pool party or need some games to play at the beach, what's more fun than a wet game of water balloons. These games can be played with kids, teenagers as well as adults and is a great family experience.
Other than just randomly throwing water balloons at each other, how would you like to play the game? There are many such games which can be played in a group on a warm sunny afternoon.
Who says you have to dress up and go to parties to have fun? All you have to do is put on your bathing suit and carry a bucket full of water balloons. There are many games which can be played by people of all ages and when you have many members, it adds to the fun. Some ideas have been put together in the following paragraphs, so pick your favorites.

Balloon Hot Potato

If you know how to play Hot Potato, playing this game would not be difficult. This is one of best games for kids, as you have to follow the same rules as for Hot Potato, with a few changes. When you are sitting in a circle, pass the water balloon around with music playing. And once the music stops, whoever has the balloon gets to have it burst on his head.

Drip, Drip, Drop

There is a lot of chasing and running around in circles here. This game is exactly like Duck-Duck-Goose, where there are players sitting in a circle, with one player holding a water balloon with a hole. This player walks behind each player in the circle dropping one drop of water on each ones head till the balloon bursts.
The person on whose head the balloon bursts has to chase the first player around the circle, till he sits in the second player's place before the first one.

Hula Hoop Toss

For this, you will need a hula hoop with some colored water balloons. This is also a good idea for teens. The game also has a central player where 1 person holds a hula hoop. He holds it such that the balloons can be thrown at a goal through the hoop. Other players take turns in tossing the balloons through the hoop and whoever hits the goal wins a treat.

Sheet Catch

The sheet game is a great idea for adults. You will need a sheet, and a stack of water balloons for this one. All you have to do is, select a main player for your team, who will do the job of throwing the balloons in random directions in the air, or you can use a launcher as well.
The team has to stand at a distance with the sheet, and try to catch the thrown balloons in it. Whichever team catches the maximum number of balloons in the sheet wins.
With these great choices for fun water balloon games, you can pick out whichever sounds fun to you. But make sure you get ready, the balloons are surely going to be punched right at you.