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Fun Water Games

Girija Shinde Mar 12, 2019
Water games are one of the best ways to entertain oneself and also to keep the heat at bay. Here are some fun games, which will help you enjoy yourself and stay cool even in the scorching heat.
Summer or no summer, playing in the water is always fun! Just lie in the pool and let your worries and frustrations dissolve in the cool soothing water. Won't it be better if one can combine fun with relaxation?
There are many games which make the joy of being in water manifold. And if you think these games are just for kids, you are mistaken. Here are some of the best water games for kids and adults alike.

The Dress Up Game

As the name suggests, one is expected to get dressed up in the game. Well, the game is to be played like this. Collect extra large-sized shirts, jeans, and socks for every player. Allot every member one shirt, and a pair of jeans and socks each. These will be their clothes for the game. The participants have to compulsorily wear those specific clothes only.
Now mix up all the clothes. Then one participant will come forward, search for his clothes, and soak them in water. The judge has to confirm that the clothes are neatly soaked. Then the participant has to jump in the pool, go across, come out, and change the clothes, and so on.
You can decide the winner for the Dress Up Game, in two ways―the one who performs it in the least time, or who manages to do the task the maximum number of times.


You do not need a swimming pool for this game. Divide everyone into two teams. Take two buckets and one paper glass. Fill one bucket with water and keep the other one empty. Prick a hole in the paper glass.
The task is to fill the leaky glass with water, keep it on the head, and take it to the other side without dropping it. When the player reaches the empty bucket, he has to pour whatever is left in the bucket and run back to his original place, and hand it over to the next team member. The team which fills the bucket in the least time is the winner.

Duck Race

For this, you will need a few classic rubber ducks. Before the game starts, put all the ducks in the water. On the count of three, all the participants should jump into the water.
Now, the aim is take the toy duck across the pool, but the twist is that, the hands or legs should not be used. In fact, you can take the toy across in only two ways, either by blowing it or by pushing it by your chin! The winner is obviously the one who successfully completes the task in the least time.


This is one of the simplest water games that can be played. All you need to do is inflate air mattresses and take them to the bottom of the pool. The aim of the game is to stand on the air mattresses without tripping over!
You can also add a little twist to this game by replacing the air mattresses with water balloons. The participants will have to just sit on the balloons. It is a hilarious game, not only for the participants, but also for everyone who is watching.
Hope you have fun in the water with the help of these fun water games! Enjoy!