Check Out These Exceptionally Fun Ways to Raise Money for Charity

Fun Ways to Raise Money for Charity
What if you could have fun while raising money for charity? Would that not be nice? You'll find some of the best ideas in the following article, continue reading for some of the same.
Plentifun Staff
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Who says that raising money has to be all serious and no fun? There are several, fun ways to raise money for charity. If no ideas are presenting themselves at this point of time, then I suggest you read through the following article and draw inspiration from some of the choices that have been given below.
Creative Ways to Raise Money
When we say fun ways, it means that there need not be that constantly mind-drudging, serious tone to it, you can have some fun while you earn that extra money. And you'll feel really good as well, because you are doing it for a great cause. Here are some of the things that you can look into.
Collecting Fruits
This one is a really, really fun way of raising that money. So what you do is get in touch with a local vineyard or a local farm at about the time it is time to pick out the fruit. Then you hold a contest for collecting the fruits. Advertise for the same in the local newspaper and ask people to sign up for it. Since it is a completely innovative and out-of-the-ordinary sort of experience, there will be a lot of people signing up for it. Not only will they have fun collecting the fruit, or stomping the grapes for making the wine, perhaps, but they'll feel good that the proceedings are going to charity. Some extra money can also be made by keeping some herbal products like squashes and jams on sale for a minimum price.
Book Sale
Books are never going out of style, so there will always be that factor to count on. There are several ways to go about this. You simply collect the extra books that your friends have lying around and then hold a garage sale, or you can sell them to a school or a library.
Kids Contests
Parents, they get this high when they see their kids achieving something and winning. So then hold a carnival or a fair and plan a whole lot of contests for the babies and kids. There could be elocution competitions for the older kids, dress ups for the younger ones, games, quizzes, puzzles, and more.
Dine for a Cause
Pick out something that is fairly easy to cook like pancakes or burgers, perhaps. With special permission from the church or the park authorities, put up a stand in a crowded park or the church premises. Do not forget to advertise saying that it is for charity and you'll see that there are people who are willing to spend more easily. Plus they have to eat. So it's a win-win situation.
Offering Services
One of the simplest and most creative ways to raise money is to offer an assortment of services to the neighbors. Like what? Car wash, mowing lawns, cleaning out the roof and drain gutters, watering the garden and the like. There are many people who do not have the time to look into this aspect and they'd pay good money to get their work done. Plus, if you advertise the fact that it is for a charity, they might even be willing to shell out more. You never know.
These methods for raising money are exactly how they sound―really fun. Try any of these methods mentioned above and you'll see that the money will start flowing in. Which is what you're aiming at anyway.
Mowing Lawn
Funnel Cakes at a Carnival
Book store
girl gathers plums
Workers picking peaches