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Pretty Little Liars: Funny 'Never Have I Ever' Game Questions

Funny 'Never Have I Ever' Game Questions
Embarrassing, risky, thrilling, and totally hilarious, "Never Have I Ever" is a fun icebreaker game to play that reveals some really silly and dark secrets of its participants. In this Plentifun post, we present to you 40 such funny questions that you can ask your friends and have a whale of a time.
Sai Kardile
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Celebrities too have a blast playing this hilarious game!
The famous talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has wrung many embarrassing, dark, and downright funny secrets from her celebrity guests like Johnny Depp, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber, et al on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
It's fun to play an aberrant once in a while, right? Yeah, but by deviancy we don't mean something outright scandalizing or stupid, but something that is super fun and within agreeable purview of decency like popping questions that would never ever bob up in ordinary conversations. "Never Have I Ever" game will give you that opportunity to elicit answers to some crazy, outrageous, and wild questions.
The rules of the game are simple―all you need to do is to get yourselves seated in a circle and arrange for equal number of shot glasses for all the players. Begin the game by having someone say something that he/she has never attempted to do in their life, say for example "Never have I ever been to Disneyland", so those of you who have been to Disneyland will swig down a shot glass. Take turns to keep the game flowing; the one who has downed the least number of shots becomes the winner.
Never Have I Ever ....
Never have i ever question on being drunk
Spied on my neighbors

Dyed my hair in horrible color

Punched someone on their face

Watched "Lord of the Ring" series

Peed in the shower or pool

Played truant from school or college

Lied about my real age

Been anywhere outside my hometown

Got myself wasted

Stalked people on Facebook

Had a fake ID

Googled myself

Been on a real date

Been snogged by someone

Had an embarrassing bum-fall in public

Shrieked during a horror movie

Done shopping at Walmart
Never have i ever question on harry potter
Watched a full season of Pretty Little Liars at one go

Purchased something from a yard sale

Been in a serious relationship

Been to a concert

Been told that I'm pretty

Been to a fun vacation with my friends

Been asked out for a date

Been asked for a dance

Believed that I'm smart for my age

Garbed myself in a bikini

Read or watched the "Twilight" series

Had a meal at McDonald's

Rummaged through trash to find something amazing

Sang and danced all night long

Said a bad word in front of my parents

Cheated on someone

Broken wind in an elevator

Seen a ghost
Never have i ever question on being told pretty
Eaten a weird meat in the name of delicacy

Watched porn

Looked under the bed for a nasty poltergeist

Cried for no reason

Squeezed a zit myself

Snipped my own hair