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Awesome Games for Kids to Play Inside on a Bad Weather Day

Mayuri Kulkarni Oct 21, 2018
Is it a rainy day, or are you caught up indoors due to a blizzard of snow? You wouldn't want your kid to sit on the couch the whole day, watch TV, or do nothing. Here are some ideas for games for kids to play inside.
Games are an inevitable part of a kid's childhood. Whatever may be the form: sports, educational, memory game, etc., children just love them. They help children to learn new things, develop good thinking ability, acquire new skills along with loads of fun.
However, being cooped up indoors due to weather may disappoint your child, since he/she does not get to go out to play with friends. So, what will you do to cheer up your child? Why not be prepared with some indoor games for your kids? Not just for rainy days, these games can be played even during a family get-together or any party.

Games Kids Can Play Indoors

Board Games

Board games are some of the best ones that can be played by a family. It may be a simple snake and ladder, or a strategic board game like chess. Scrabble, monopoly, Scotland yard, etc., are loved by all.
You can even make one of your own. Making homemade board games is quite easy, and all you require is a theme. Decide the number of players that will be playing, rules of your board game, and then design it accordingly. Ask your child to assist you to make it.
You may also search for interesting, fun-filled board games in toy stores. These, along with some sandwiches and chips, will make a perfect treat for your child.

Treasure Hunters

Treasure hunters have always been very popular. Though they are considered as outdoor games, you can play them indoors as well. You just require some advanced preparation to play this game. It is nothing but reaching different destinations with help of different clues.
The first destination clue is given to the player, and if the player guesses the destination correctly, he/she gets one more clue for the next destination, and so on. The final destination has the winning prize. So, you will have to first decide which places of your house will be used for the game.
Keep the clues simple so that they will not confuse the kids too much. The treasure or the winning prize can be some snack or a new toy, whatever you feel your kid will love the most.

Play with Dough

Kids like to play with dough and make creative toys, thereby developing their motor skills and imagination power. You can teach them different shapes and sizes through this. Purchase a ready-made kit, or prepare dough at home.
These were some ideas for indoor games for kids. Just be innovative, and come up with new, exciting ideas. Keeping your children busy, and making sure they love what they are doing, is the key.