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Fun Games to Play at Home

Aastha Dogra Oct 17, 2018
Looking for some fun and interesting games to play at home? Read on for five exciting and thrilling games for kids as well as adults.
Whether it is summer vacations or Christmas holidays, there is no better way to spend one's day than playing some fun and exciting family games.
Although most of us are hooked to computers and video games, when it comes to spending some quality time together as a family or among friends, it's the good old interactive and engaging games which come handy. A list of some interesting games to play for kids as well as adults.

Hide and Seek

Although this is an age-old game, the excitement it can create is second to none. The kids simply love playing it because of the mystery and the thrill involved in finding someone who is hiding. That's why, it is still counted as a favorite game to play when you are bored.
To play this, one kid is named the "jail guard". He/she covers his/her eyes with his/her hands, and starts counting one to twenty. In the meantime, all the "criminals" go into hiding, i.e., behind the sofas, under the beds, or behind the trees in the lawn.
After counting upto twenty, the "jail guard" sets out to find the criminals. One by one, as he/she finds the "criminals" in hiding, he/she sends them back to the "jail". You can demarcate any area of the house, such as the kitchen or the basement, as "jail".
Once all the criminals are sent back into the jail, the jail guard's job is over. The criminal who was caught first now becomes the jail guard, and the entire game is repeated the same way till each and every child gets the chance to be the jail guard.

Dumb Charades

To play dumb charades, keep a list of movies and songs ready. Divide the participants in two teams. One of the participants of a team has to enact the selected song or movie name and the others in the team have to guess it.
If they are right, they get five points. Like this, the game is played with both teams. The team which has more points in the end is declared the winner.

Treasure Hunt

For children above the age of seven, playing treasure hunt can be a very thrilling experience. To play this game, leave clues at a number of places in the house, which lead to the "treasure". This treasure can be anything, like a box of chocolates or a story book that you will read out to them.
You can leave clues like, "Go where mommy cooks food", i.e., kitchen or "go where grandpa reads newspapers", i.e., lawn. Till the time the children reach the "treasure", this game is sure to keep their curiosity levels high.

Memory Game

Collect a few items from your house, such as a cup, handkerchief, shoe, safety pin, key ring and place them in the middle of the room. Make sure that there are at least fifty items. Cover these with a piece of clothing and have the participants sit around them in a circle. Remove the piece of clothing and have the participants look the items for 10 seconds.
After that, cover them again. Give each of the participants a paper and a pencil, asking them to write as many items as they remember in two minutes. The participant who writes the maximum correct answers is the winner and is given a prize.

Weave a Story

To play this game, one of the participants says a line, it can be anything like, "I went horse riding last Sunday" or "I saw rain drops falling on leaves". The person sitting next to him/her has to add a line which is linked to the first person's line.
For example, "I went horse riding last Sunday" can be followed by "I saw lots of birds and trees in the woods on my way". The third person now has to add another line to it. Like this, all the participants keep on adding lines to form a story.
This can turn out to be fun, hilarious, serious, scary, or plain creative, depending upon the imagination of the participants. This can serve as an interesting birthday party game as well.
To make the games more fun and exciting, keep prizes for the winners, especially when you are playing with kids. Participating in these is not only fun, but also a good way to make one's relationships with family and friends sweet and strong.