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Energizing Indoor Games for Kids to Play When Bored

Kashmira Lad Oct 4, 2018
On a rainy afternoon, boring summer holidays, or just a weekend when there's absolutely nothing better to do, playing exciting games can truly change the day around. Here are some wonderful indoor games for kids to play when bored.
Children get bored very easily and how! Take a look at kids around and you would know how they love to discover new games. Today, children are encouraged to play outdoor as well as indoor games that hone their thinking.
However, kids being kids will get bored at some point. In that case, adults are often at loss about the kind of games to play. Here are some amazing games you can keep in your arsenal whenever kids want to play a new game.

The One Who Smiles

Play this game outdoors when out on a picnic or indoors with friends. Make everyone sit in a circle and have a person sit in the center. The center person has to choose one person from the circle and ask the question, 'If you love me, can you please smile for me?' The chosen person should reply with an answer, 'I know I love you but I am unable to smile'.
This answer should be given to the person without a smile. The one who smiles would then have to take the position of the person in the center.

Kitchen Duties

Kids can also spend time in the kitchen. Divide the groups into batches and think of some easy recipes. Write them down and give a time limit to each group.
The group that makes the most delicious dish within the time limit is the winner! The brighter side of this game is that one can have a good treat even after the game is over.

Origami Fun

Origami is a great way to pass time. Teach them some simple steps and give them colorful paper to begin with. You can even divide them in groups and set a time limit. The one who creates the most number of interesting shapes can be declared as the winner.

Experiment Time

Does the child love scientific experiments? There are many kits available in the toy stores. These have the basic apparatus and chemicals. You can ask the kid to create something new with the given apparatus.

Reading Fairy Tales

If there are many kids, you can put your old clothes to some good use. Bring out a heap of clothes and ask each child to pick out few items. Help them to dress up like a character from a fairy tale book. Help them with some make up and accessories. Reward each one with a chocolate cookie after everyone completes dressing up as his or her favorite character.

Musical Time

Music is the best way to liven up kids. Play a CD that has some great dance tracks. Let them simply dance and have fun. You can even announce a prize for the coolest dancer in the whole group.

Art, My Friend

Art is also a great way to help kids pass their time. Give them some crayons and craft paper to create new masterpieces. You can even have a small display of these works at home. The most creative painting can be given a set of colors!

It's Story Time

Make the children sit in a circle. Begin with one end and give a paragraph of a story. Ask the next one to continue. Keep passing the turn. This is bound to give you many hilarious results that will surely keep everybody entertained!
These wonderful and entertaining games sure are fun when you're bored. These ideas will surely help to lift everybody's mood and charge everyone from within!