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Giant Bubble Recipe

Shalu Bhatti Feb 28, 2019
Want to know the secret of making a perfect giant bubble? Here are some interesting ideas and recipes for creating some really huge bubbles.
Party is the time for fun.
You play, you hide, you seek, you run.
The most amazing part of all,
is to blow many bubbles giant and small.
We all love to play with bubbles, don't we? This is one activity where the kid in us never dies, and the bigger and longer the bubble floats in the air, the more accomplishing it feels! Undoubtedly, the bubble solutions that we get in the market are highly efficacious in creating bigger and better bubbles.
But if you think that that's the only way you can get those wonderfully giant bubbles, then you are wrong! You can create them on your own by making it a family fun activity. Together you can create those beautiful colorful bubbles without spending money on ready-made bubble solutions. Let us know how.

Recipe for Giant Soap Bubbles

To make giant soap bubbles is no more a difficult thing to do. The following recipe works best for giant and long-lasting bubbles, however, there are other factors apart from the recipe that matter.
These include: Humidity level in the atmosphere and the kind of detergent you are using. It is best to use an expensive and good quality liquid detergent to make things easier. Speaking of humidity, try to choose a day that has more than 35% humidity and less wind in the atmosphere. Let us have a look at the things you will need.

Materials Required

✦ 1 cup liquid dishwasher, preferably Joy.
✦ 4 cups water. For giant bubbles, the ratio 4:1 of water and soap.
✦ ¼ cup of glycerin or corn syrup.
✦ 1 dish pan or plastic bin. PS: Make sure the container is large enough for the mixing and stirring.
✦ Cotton Strings
✦ Elbow straws
✦ A bubble wand
✦ A less windy and more humid day.
Once you have all the necessary materials required and the right climatic conditions, the next step is to just have some fun mixing and stirring the ingredients. If you want, you can also ask your little ones to help you with this. Not only will you get some help, it will be a fun activity.

Steps to Make Giant Bubbles

1. Take a plastic bin and add 4 cups of water into it. Also add 1 cup of liquid dish washing soap (preferably Joy), and mix it well. Make sure that the bin is big enough to comfortably mix the ingredients without any spilling.
2. After you have mixed the water with the soap, it's time to add corn syrup. Corn syrup can be substituted by glycerin. No matter what you use, take ¼ cup of it and mix it in the solution. This helps create long-lasting bubbles.
3. While mixing, do not try to play with the solution, or start making bubbles to see how good the solution is! Also gently stir the solution and try not to create bubbles while doing that.

4. Remove the foam that appears on the surface.

5. Pour the solution into smaller container (if you want) for later use. Otherwise, allow it to sit still for some time.
6. By the time your solution is getting settled, why not make some large bubble makers? Take 2 plastic elbow straws and insert a 100% cotton string between them by putting the knot of the string circle in one of the straw. Make sure that the size of the bubble maker is comfortable enough to fit into the bin. Pull the string out tightly from opposite sides.
7. For a bubble wand, you can use any recycled objects. The opening of a coat hanger can be bent to create a circled loop. You can also use plastic strawberry baskets, these make great bunch of bubbles. Basically, any container that has the tendency to hold the film would work just fine.
That's it! You have made the bubble solution that will help you create giant bubbles. Now, you need to be careful of the technique, apart from this, humidity factor also plays an important part for bubbles to last longer in the air.

Techniques to Create Giant Bubbles

✦ To make a giant bunch of grape bubbles, dip the strawberry basket into the plastic bin containing the solution. Once you see the film, gently take it out of the solution and gently blow through the basket. You will see a beautiful giant grape bunch bubble.
✦ To create small bubbles all around, just spin the basket all around to fill the air into the basket to create bubbles.
✦ You can also make bubbles with your hands. Just dip your hands into the solution and create a loop. Blow the air gently through it and you'll see them coming out like magic. If your hands are wet, the bubbles would also stick to your hands for some time.
✦ To make giant bubbles, dip the cotton-string bubble maker into the solution. If the day is windy, keep back against the wind. The slightest of breeze will create a giant bubble, making it pull out of the string on its own. If there is no breeze, walk backwards to create a breeze allowing the bubble to pull out. Always make sure that the film is maintained.
✦ This technique needs a little bit of practice, but once you have learned the trick, making bubbles won't be a difficult job. You need to dip the straw into the solution.
Maintain the film, take it out, and then gently blow the film to create a bubble. Bring both the straws together so that the bubble is closed. The humidity level and the glycerin will make the bubble stay in the air for some time. If you are quick enough to learn the trick, you can create 2-3 bubbles one after the other with each dip.
If you don't get it right the first time, keep trying and practicing in your free time. There is nothing more fun and stress relieving than creating bubbles in your backyard with your kids and family.
This activity is not only fun but can give your little ones an opportunity to understand the techniques of mixing, ratios, stirring, making it a wonderful art activity for kids! If you don't have kids, it's still a lot of fun playing with those bubbles and waking up the kid in you once again.