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Good Prank Calls

Tulika Nair Nov 4, 2018
Do you want some ideas for prank calls? Here is a list of some of the best ideas that we have either been made victims of, or have played on others.
You do not need to restrict yourself to April fools' day to play a practical joke on someone. If you want to play a prank on someone, one of the best and time tested ways to go about it is to make a prank call. These are a lot of fun, and can be the source of much amusement.

Funniest Ideas

The point of using one of these ideas for joke calls to have a hearty laugh. Do ensure that you do not take these funny pranks beyond a limit, as you do not want to cause trouble for the person you are playing the prank on.
☎ Call on the phone number of the person you want to prank. Change your voice and say, "Hey, I am on a game show and if you answer my question, both of us are eligible for a prize of $1000 each."
Now ask a vague and stupid yet embarrassingly personal question. If they do answer the question, take their name and address down and then tell them that this was for a radio show on game shows and that it has been broadcast as they were talking to you. This should elicit some great response.
☎ Call up the person you want to prank and ask for a random person. The answer you will get would be wrong number. Now call up at constant intervals and ask for the same person.
Change your voice every time you call them. In the evening, call up the person you are playing the prank on again and say, "Hello, I am (the person you have been asking for the entire day). Do you have any messages for me."
☎ Call up and say, "Hello, I am (fictitious name) from the Counseling Agency for Teenage Mothers. We were told that your daughter would want to speak to us. Can you ask her to call us up." 
Be careful of using this idea though, as you do not want to cause too much trouble. Clear the air as soon as possible.
☎ Call up the person you want to prank and start the conversation like you were in mid-sentence. Pretend to be a girlfriend whom the person has broken up with, or a kid who is placing an order for a pizza and confused. This can be an extremely funny prank idea.
☎ Mimic the person you are placing the prank call on and repeat everything that he or she says. This is one of the best ideas that you can use. If they say, hello,  repeat the same, if they say, are you mad,  you do the same.
☎ If you want to get back at someone who always pranks you, then play this. Call the person and say, "Hello, this is the police department. There have been several reports that have been filed against you for making prank calls to innocent and law-abiding citizens. This is a nuisance to them and if you do not stop this right now, you will be fined $500."
☎ If you know a couple who is in a long term relationship then this is a great prank to play. Call up and pose as an employee at a club for gentlemen and explain that their husband/partner left some files there.
Ask them to pass on the message and collect the same from the front desk when he visits them next. This should lead to some pretty interesting situations. This is not exactly one of the harmless practical jokes that you can play, so be sure that the people you are playing the prank on can laugh at themselves.
These are just some of the ideas that you can opt for, if you want to make some prank calls. Good pranks are generally those that you have come up with yourself. Using cliched ideas can, at times, fall flat. So give an interesting twist to any idea that you use. Make that call and have fun laughing your heart out.