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Good Prank Ideas to Pull on Anyone

Rahul Thadani Nov 18, 2018
Everyone loves a good laugh, and goodhearted pranks have been giving people reasons to laugh for centuries. Here is the guide for all the pranks you wish to pull on anyone and everyone.
Practical jokes have been around for ages now and almost everyone has had to endure the brunt of such jokes at some point in their lives.
There is no dearth of good prank ideas, and there are so many new and innovative ones coming up everyday that it is impossible to keep a track of them all. Laughter is the best medicine and this holds true to a certain extent, as long as the pranks are taken in good spirit.
Some good pranks end up causing a lot of embarrassment and humiliation to the people who undergo them, and many pranksters tend to abuse this privilege. In many schools and colleges across the country, freshmen are regularly picked on by senior bullies and these jokes sometimes go overboard.
Opting for some harmless senior pranks is recommended for bonding between the students. If you are playing a prank on someone, you need to know when to stop, as most harmless prank ideas can be twisted and manipulated to get out of hand.
The beauty of pranks and practical jokes is that they can be morphed to suit pretty much any occasion. There is not a single occasion on the face of this planet that cannot be the basis of a good practical joke.
It needs to be stressed again though that the victim must take the joke in the right spirit and should not end up suffering some physical or mental damage as a result of it.

Prank Calls

To call up someone over the phone and play a joke on them has been a longstanding classic. The agelessness of great prank call ideas ensures that no matter who the victim may be, it will always spread a few laughs.
You can turn the notch up a little bit and come up with some really funny conversations that can be carried out over the phone.

Pranks for the Office

The workplace is an excellent location to play some pranks on your fellow colleagues.
The formality of the situation makes it very unexpected for someone to be playing office pranks, and this is where the beauty of the joke comes into play, as the best jokes are those that are totally unexpected.
The downside is that you need to be extremely careful while carrying out these practical jokes, as overdoing it could result in someone losing their job. In all likelihood, that person may be the perpetrator of the prank, so beware.

Car Jokes

Cars are the prized assets of most individuals, so why not direct your practical jokes on these objects of affection. The response you will get is sure to overwhelm you, as the concern that people have for their cars is unmatched.
There are many funny pranks to play on your friend's car that will have you bursting with laughter if you pull them off correctly. Just make sure that no harm comes to the vehicle in question though, as you will have to pay for the damages if that happens.

Pranks on Friends

Friends are great targets for some good practical jokes. The level of comfort you share with your friends must be kept in mind though, as this plays an important part in deciding which pranks to choose.
The amount of choices that you have are endless though, and educating yourself about these can keep you entertained and amused for a long time indeed.
You can take your pick from a vast number of practical jokes by keeping in mind the situation and the people you are pulling it on. The situation, the location, the number of people involved, the object of the prank, the relationship you share with the victim, and your sadistic levels all play a part in deciding which of these ideas you can use.