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Great Prank Ideas

Dr. Sumaiya Khan Mar 2, 2019
Jokes and tricks lighten everyone's mood without hurting anyone's sentiments. Read on for some great pranks to pull on people.
Everyone loves playing pranks on people. There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to pulling one on an unsuspecting soul. Pranks played on someone you know very closely can be the most hilarious ones.
Whether it's at school, when you're in college or at office - you need something to break the monotony of a routine and boring life! Read the following ideas that will tickle your funny bone.

Funny Tricks to Play on Someone You Know

... On Friends

  • If your friend has got a job through a newspaper advertisement, then take a cut out of that same advertisement and paste it on today's paper. He'll be zapped to see that the position he filled in his company is being advertised for again!
  • If he is someone who is glued to the computer 24x7, then you can always take some paper and glue it to the underside of the mouse. He's bound to look everywhere but on the underside of the mouse.
  • If you're driving by and happen to spot an old friend at a signal, look again at him with a panicked expression and immediately lock all your doors, like he's a mortal threat to you! Watch his face as he stares at you in shock!
  • Just before a class test, glue your friend's pen cap and pens. Enjoy as he panics to start writing his paper and wastes a minute or two. Be sure to carry an extra pen for him though!

... On Roommates

  • If your roommate just got a brand new car, then here's a great prank that won't even harm his car! Get a balloon and put it on the tailpipe of his car. Then, when he starts the car, the balloon will pop and he'll think it was his tire that popped.
  • When your roommate goes to take a shower, hide in her closet. When she comes back to get her clothes grab her leg! This is sure to be one of those moments that will definitely scandalize her!
  • While having lunch with your friends, tell your roommate, "Sorry to hear Joanne (his girlfriend's name) ditched you. She was saying that you were really beginning to get on her nerves." Watch as everyone looks up at your roommate for some kind of clarification when he himself is stumped.
  • In the morning, ask your roommate if he'd like to have eggs for breakfast. When he says yes, boil a few eggs but keep an unboiled one in front of him on his plate. Watch him as he tries to peel it, or worse still, tries to bite into it!
  • If you have sugar and salt holders kept on the table, switch the contents of the two and watch as your roommate recoils after adding salt to his milk the next morning!

... On People

  • Scrape the cream out of your vanilla cream biscuits and fill them with white toothpaste.
  • Call a friend and in a very sympathetic voice say how sorry you are that he was fired last evening. Act surprised when he says that he doesn't know of any such thing. Say that everyone at work already knows and that his stuff is already packed and is waiting at the gate! He'll come running to the office before you know it!
  • One of the easiest trick is to switch the signs for Men's and Ladies toilet! Watch on as the fun unfolds!
  • One of the golden and age-old practice of sticking a note saying 'Kick me!' or 'I'm Mr. Lonely' may be, well, age-old, but it still is funny as hell!
  • When walking on the road, go with a couple of friends and point at the sky and let them also follow suit. See how many people look up and try to figure out what you're looking at.
These were few ideas that must have surely made you smile. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and try them and laugh your heart out seeing everyone's reaction!