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Group Games for Kids

Group Games for Kids

Besides entertainment, group games can also teach kids some important values. In the following article, we give you some easy games for a group of kids to play.
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Group games aim at developing the qualities of co-operation, team spirit, hard work, and leadership. When kids play in a group, they understand the importance of sacrificing their personal interests for the larger interests of the team or the group. They understand that collectively winning is far more important than their individual performance. Here are some easy and simple games for kids.

Indoor Games

Singing Game
This can be one of the best games for kids who are interested in singing and music. This game requires the knowledge of the latest as well as old songs. You can form two groups and have four or five kids in each group. One player from any one of the teams sings a song and a player from the other team has to sing a song starting from the last alphabet of the song. If the other team fails to sing the song, the first team can try it. For every correct song, ten points are added to the score of the teams and for every failed attempt, three points are deducted. The team that has more points at the end wins the game.

Storytelling Game
This game has always been one of the most interesting, innovative, and fun-filled for kids. Again, like the singing game, you will be required to form two groups of four or five kids. Both the groups are given various topics, such as hobbies, nature, science, arts and literature, sports, business, or politics and are asked to prepare a story or a speech on the topic. Once the topics are allotted, all the members of the groups jot down the points by discussing the facts among themselves. There will be a time limit, of say one hour, for both the teams. This means that they should be ready with their story or speech in an hour's time. One member from each team will read out the content and the judge will give away the prize to that team whose story was better. The player who reads out the story should be the one who has the best reading skills in that group as the way of presentation (reading) will also have points.

Outdoor Games

Playing Football
Football is definitely one of the best outdoor games that kids enjoy. This game tests the coordination between the players and their energy levels and reflexes. Form two teams of equal number of players and appoint one player as the captain who will instruct the players on the ground and implement various strategies to win the game. Have an experienced referee who will ensure that the rules and regulations of the game are being followed.

Obstacle Race
This game will again need two teams and a proper infrastructure with four obstacles in the running track. One player of both the teams will stand at every obstacle, and will start running the moment he gets a clap on his hand from the player starting the game. Now, this particular player has to run fast through the next obstacle and give a clap to his team member before the opponent player. This continues until all the obstacles are over. The group whose player reaches the end line first wins.

Group games can inculcate useful values in kids which will prove to be valuable in their later lives. These games will also expand the social circle of kids by helping them make more friends.
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