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Hacky Sack Tricks

Medha Godbole Jan 23, 2019
If you are looking out for some Hacky Sack tricks, this is exactly what you should read...
Just as Cadbury or Jeep has become a generic term for a range of products in that category for some of us, Hacky Sack is something which is similar to that. The name of the activity is actually 'Footbag', though the equipment for this game, and even the game is named after the inventors of this sport.
The point is that, Hacky Sack is a generic trademark for the actual Footbag, or the game played with it. This game is played by opposing players trying to keep the ball off the ground, only using their feet. The bag is small, round, and has a design like a soccer ball. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Have a good number of tricks up your sleeve.

Easy Tricks

Okay, we will start off with the easier tricks, because probably most of those reading this might be reading about Hacky Sack for the first time.


In this trick, what is done is that, a player kicks the footbag using the inside of the foot, from behind his support leg. In other words, the catching leg has to be tucked behind the supporting leg, and the supporting leg has to be bent well for balancing.


There are a couple of variants to this one. One is flying inside, and the other is flying outside. In the former, there is an inside kick while the player is in mid-air. In the latter, the player performs an outside kick while in mid-air.

Toe Delay

If you are learn Hacky Sack, this is perhaps the first thing you would be taught. In this trick, what you need to do is, just stall the footbag on the top of your foot. Yes, soccer players also do this quite often.

Some More Delays

Yet another very common one is the inside delay. Simply stall the Hacky Sack on the inner portion or inside of your foot. A complete opposite of this is the outside delay. In this one, the player stalls the Hacky Sack on the outside part of his foot.
Another variation is the knee delay. The player simply stalls the Hacky Sack on the knee. That is all it is to the knee delay. Talk of some more delays, and you have another delay, called the forehead delay. Stalling the footbag on the forehead is involved here.

Tough Tricks

The mentioned tricks were some of the really easy ones you can try out. However, for those who are regular players, check these out.

Clipper, with a Change

Also known as Jester, this trick requires the player to kick the footbag with the inside of his foot. The catch is to do it from behind the support leg in mid-air.

Back Stabbing

No no, I am surely not telling you to betray someone! It's just another trick. A player kicks the footbag with the sole of his shoe, behind his back, blindly.


Then you have a number of stall tricks―neck stalls, sole stall, clipper stall, and the like. The neck stall is stalling the Hacky Sack on the back of your neck, and the sole stall is stalling it on the sole of your foot, behind your back.
In addition to these, there are many more tricks, like Hewy, Hat Brim Stall, Rainbow Kick, Spin and Pendulum. Try these out but with an expert.